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Thread: NPD: My Annual 'Guitar Show' Splurge

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    NPD: My Annual 'Guitar Show' Splurge

    With the Melbourne Guitar Show festival now happening annually in the first weekend of every August, I now make an official effort of throwing my wallet at the unsuspecting faces of certain vendors in exchange for gear at sale discount rate. While a certain Godin Inuk was unfortunately out of my price range, I opted for this at 30% off.

    Boss SY300 Guitar Synthesizer.

    I've been set on getting this since they announced it with the conceit of being a synth without a requirement for a midi hex pickup. I just spent the last 1/2 an hour messing around with the factory presets: the tracking is excellent and the sounds and tones are near authentic.

    The unit however is far from perfect. There's certain patches that glitches with chords. The high E string volume seems lower than the rest of the strings at times, and some of the saw tones behave with arbitrary flanging effects. And with the nature of synths for most players in general, a lot of the factory presets are downright unusable unless you're planning to recreate the third act of Human Traffic. It's dangerously treading on one trick pony territory.

    Quibbles aside, I still had fun with the unit. I love messing around with the synth leads/pads on all my keyboards so I had a similar affair here. One particular LoFi patch was so 8 bit it made me try to arrange a fingerstyle arrangement of the old Kid Icarus theme and it sounded amazing. Really my main purpose for this is to run this stereo with a regular guitar sound and double certain lead parts that I normally can't play on keys (or get some cool tones out of that combo) or add ethereal pads to a classical guitar piece or so.

    My use for this will be mostly studio exclusive, but I'll definitely be using this a fair bit in a future recording.

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