Advices on AXE FX (buying one soon within 2 or 3 months)

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Thread: Advices on AXE FX (buying one soon within 2 or 3 months)

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    Advices on AXE FX (buying one soon within 2 or 3 months)

    Hi guys as the title says, at some point within 2 or 3 months I plan to buy an AXE FX (actually, reading on internet and now not sure if the AX8 or the FX8 is worth), but the thing is, what else should I buy?, I’m not sure if its good enough with my speakers or do I nee dot buy active monitors and have them connected as output, so the question is, no matter if its the Ultra, the AXE FX 2, AX8 or FX8, what should I be buying in order to have everything properly connected and working?

    Thanks guys!


    P.S.: Also checking the 11Rack not sure about this one but seems like there's a lot of people who likes it over the AXE FX, to bad it comes with just a few cabinets and effects.
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    Get a Kemper.
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    Get a tube amp.

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    Without knowing what you have now, it's hard to answer your question.

    The Axe-Fx is awesome. It's great with powered monitors, or through a separate power amp and cab. How you choose to run it is up to you.

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    a half decent set of monitors is all you really need if its for bedroom stuff

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    Where are you at as a guitar player? What's your current rig? What is your speaker setup?

    Also why are you starting by looking at the $1000-$2500 models? Grab an HD500 off of for $250 (this is US-based, not sure about prices in and around Caracas) and play with that for a year, see what works for you and then maybe upgrade, maybe don't.

    On the other hand, you can't beat the Fractal units for their effects quality. The reverbs, choruses, delays, etc, are at the same quality as the TC Electronics and Eventide effects, IMO. The Axe FX II's big selling points are loading IRs and being able to load tone-matching sounds. Otherwise, if you're recording or playing through a computer or IR loader, the HD500 can sound just as good in the core tone category as the older Axe FX units (Standard and Ultra), and I found it much easier to dial in.

    Oh, and where were you hearing good things about the elevenrack? All I've ever heard is that it is limited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Oh, and where were you hearing good things about the elevenrack? All I've ever heard is that it is limited.
    i love mine, though, i am the rather limited one :P

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    ^great advice. HD500 into an Alto speaker makes a really awesome under $600 rig depending on where you find things. Downsized from my Mesa rig to one when I needed something quieter and I've been loving it. Helluva a lot cheaper than an Axe Fx.

    Of course, if you have the money...
    Love Charity Esteem

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