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Thread: New Studio Day!

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    New Studio Day!

    I've been using a converted garage space as my studio / man cave for a while now. Up until now it was pretty much just a garage with a bunch of crap in it. It worked but it was just shy of feeling like an actual living space.

    I've been meaning to remodel it and make it much more comfortable and less cluttered for quite a while. I finally bit the bullet and tore everything out of it so I could remodel it over the long weekend.

    The walls were / are in pretty rough shape. It is a garage after all, so I didn't even spend much time filling holes. The walls got a couple of coats of paint. I used peel and stick tile (faux wood) on the floor, full width of the garage and about 12 feet deep. There is a window that I stuffed with insulation and blocked off completely.

    Man am I stoked. It turned out incredible. I'm really no good when it comes to colors and design kind of stuff, but I really could not be happier with the way it turned out.

    One side is my workbenches and stuff, the middle has a couch and tv/stereo, then the other end is all devoted to instruments.

    Before shot.
    New Studio Day!-img_20160828_213458594-jpg
    New Studio Day!-img_20160905_101922466-jpg
    New Studio Day!-img_20160905_231338209-jpg
    New Studio Day!-img_20160905_231344435-jpg
    New Studio Day!-img_20160905_231404666-jpg

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    Oh yea, I picked up a Peavey Windsor recently too. Needed something different than the 5150. It's fun and it was cheap so it fit my needs. Looking forward to modding it in the future.

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    Oh yeah man. That looks awesome and fun.

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    Posting purely for dog appreciation. Dogs rule.

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    Outstanding! Grats, man.

    And the dog looks at home. Most of them - like yours, I'm sure - don't know they're dogs.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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    Swedish flag in colorado?

    Anyway, that "working place" doesn't look comfortable in the long run

    Get a proper chair dude

    Other than that, looks spacey and nice

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    Nice stuff, a lot to like in those pics
    The above comment may or may not be about Morbid Angel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    Swedish flag in colorado?
    I'm originally from Minnesota, and my grandmother was VERY Swedish. Her parents were from the Holmstrand area.
    I've also got a copy of my family tree that traces our family back to 1349 in Sweden.

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