So we got a Mini RockRec in for demo purposes, and I've got it home with my right now. It's just a load+speaker sim, no attenuation; it's all or nothing, like the CabClone or Palmer PDI-03.

It's got 6 voicings, of which I couldn't tell you which is which, because they're A. not labeled beyond A through E, and B. they're not explained at all in the owner's manual.

As you can imagine, certain voicings sound better with different tones, be it clean, mid gain or high gain. It has an XLR out, an unbalanced out, and an unbalanced, non-filtered out for IR's. also has a 4/8/16 ohm switch.

Physically, it's a fucking brick. Way heavier and beefier than the CabClone, and still requires no power; it's completely passive.

Sound-wise, yes, you can still tell it's an analog EQ filter emulation, but, so far IMHO it already sounds a lot better than the CabClone I had, as well as the PDI-09 I had.

I just got it out of the box this morning, and I've got to run all over NW Illinois today being Mr. Mom, so it'll be a day or two until I can get anything resembling a clip up. But I thought you'd like to see first impressions.

New Demo Gear Day (Rivera Mini RockRec)-fullsizerender-jpg