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Thread: NAD - weekend trades - Mesa Boogie content

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    NAD - weekend trades - Mesa Boogie content

    Okay, here it is. After picking up the 6505+, I was offered a trade straight across... my Laney Ironheart 60H head for a Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 50 combo. I thought about it, did a little research, listened to some videos and pulled the trigger.

    This is a Series 1, not a Series 2. The footswitch was not included in the deal, but Mesa sells them for $59 brand new. I'm not terribly concerned and I knew that ahead of time.

    It sounds really good so far, although I've never owned a Recto before and I didn't expect it to be as dark as it is. It has the Black Shadow Speaker, of course, the same one my Rocket 44 had. And it brightens up just fine - there's a lot of versatility here, I just need to work with it and learn. I downloaded the manual.

    I have yet to hook it up to any pedals.

    It's in pretty decent shape and as it turns out, even though it didn't have a handle when I picked it up, I had one on my bookshelf that worked just fine. I'd purchased it for $5 when I bought the Blues Jr. because the original handle on it was broken, then I replaced that with a proper Fender one I ordered online.

    This motherfucker is heavy...

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    I think others will tell you too but I believe the controls on any Recto amp are very responsive and you may find the tones you like are at what would look weird on another amp. Even on recto models the bass is usually lower than I would have thought and a boost in front of it does wonders to tighten it up. Damn fine deal you made as well congrats
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    Nice one! Mesas rule

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    Yep, with Recto's eq with your ears, not your eyes. I found some strange EQ settings to work well on my Roadster, much better than you'd think would work. Congrats on the new amp!
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    Nice! You got the better deal in that trade dude.

    James had one of those and it sounded great. Put a boost in front and it's fantastic.

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    Yep, I had a series 1 that I modded for a series FX loop. Sounded great, weighs a fucking ton

    Stick a boost in front, keep the bass low, remember the treble acts as an additional gain pot as well as adding treble. Dial away with your ears and there's some really, really great tones in those. You absolutely did the right thing swapping the Ironheart for that, especially with a 6505 at home as well
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    Well played. Those are cool amps, and portable if you own a hand truck.

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    Mod it for a serial loop, at once. Fantastic amp, you'll love it.
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