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    My rig is simple and I love it but I need/want FX and I just don't know what is out there. I have been leaning toward the Axe FX Ultra as it has a second noise gate that can be placed anywhere as well as almost everything else I could think of ever needing or wanting, I also love that you can use your own cab impulses.

    There are only two problems I see with it
    • Price, over $3500 if I bought it today
    • It can not control my E530 without an external midi switcher that would add to the expense and possibly be a pain in the arse to set up

    I am certain I have seen other multi FX units that can switch channels. I think the G system can but in terms of features, flexibility and value I'm pretty sure the Axe FX slays it.

    So what are my other options? Are their any bargain options out there? Would I be better off with multiple units instead of trying to get a multi FX like getting a Decimator for example.

    Here is my rig as I posted in the rig thread it's an E530 into a Torque TS115P that I got from the pawn shop cheap, it's a FRFR 100W powered 1x15 cab.

    Reason 2 for posting this thread, to publicly declare my love for the ENGL E530 again. I know I go on about this thing all the time, I'm not done singing it's praises by a long shot. IMO the E530 really is a best buy product. It's cheap, it nails the ENGL high gain tone that I love and has good clean, crunch and lead tones as well (all the tones I need). Actually the more I use it the more it surprises me, yesterday after talking to Lee I decided to fuck around with Civil War and was blown away that I was able to nail Slash's tone with an Ibanez and an ENGL, guess who doesn't have LP GAS anymore

    With the frequency compensation I can also record directly and what I record sounds exactly the same as what I hear out of the cab or my headphones and because of the inbuilt power amp I can practice or record with headphones (zero latency FTW) or run an cab without an additional power amp as you can switch frequency compensation on or off for the power amp depending on your needs.


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    Engl does indeed make my loins quiver.

    As far as effects go, if you're happy with your cab and impulses on your PC, why not just get a simple rack effects processor with the necessary delay, chorus, and verb? Call me simple, but I don't use much else.

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    T.C. Electronics G Sharp or G Major would do, or an old Rocktron Expression.
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    I'm told the Art SGX 2000 is awesome for effects. I've got one, but I really haven't gotten into it. Then can be had pretty cheap off of eBay.

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    Yeah, from what I've read the Axe FX is best at modeling and since you're going to be using the Engl for your main tone, it'd end up being a waste of money.

    I own an SGX 2000 and a few things you should know are:

    a) there's no phaser
    b) no harmonizer
    c) the delay maxes out at 1.3 seconds
    d) some combinations of effects won't work at the same time. (ie: if you can only use 1 modulation based effect at a time)
    3) As long as it's plugged in, the unit stays turned on (there's no power switch)

    For $150 or less, it isn't a bad processor but you can get a G-Major for $250 used and it's probably 10 times better. (you have to consider that the SGX 2000 was made roughly 18 years ago)
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    The problem that I've always had with modelers is that how many times do you really want a modeled tone? My rig sounds like me, and it's because I've taken friggin' years of dialing in my preamp/patches, picking the right cab and poweramp, etc, etc. I have a PodXT Pro that I use for recording (because direct is always nice) but for actual playing, I always found myself taking one tone out of 100 models and trying to tweak it, then I'd always just use that one patch or mod it slightly for leads.

    I think the best bet is to find an amp/head/preamp (2101..) that you like, and then add effects to it from there. I can play through Drew's Nomad or his Recto and I sound like ass, but Drew plays through it and he sounds like Drew. He plays through my amp and it's the same deal, we can play the same exact thing on each other's amps, but you can immediately tell who's who.

    This could be a neat little test to do at the meet on Sunday.

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    Yeah well I have my main tone, I'm not looking at replacing the ENGL, did I say I it? I just wish to have the effects and I need a noise gate/suppressor. I've been burnt by Line6 and I want something good that works, I thought I should ask to save on trial and error.

    I would love to use the X3 live just for effects but it really is a piece of shit and wont play nice with the ENGL, someone buy it off me please.

    So yeah ideally I would love to have a foot controlled rack mounted multi FX that can control the channel switching on the ENGL, so that I can set my tones up like you would in a pod and just switch between the pre-sets by hitting a foot switch. I thought I should ask because I don't want to get more crap and I am not sure if multi FX are any good. I don't really like the idea of learning to tap dance but I would rather not buy anything else that doesn't work.

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