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Thread: NRG - Randall Satan 120W Head / 4x12 Satan Cab

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    NRD - Randall Satan 120W Head / 4x12 Satan Cab

    I sold my old setup (Carvin TS100/Pod HD Pro/Mesa 4x12) to get this monster. I had to drive a 3 hour roundtrip to get it but it's definitely worth the drive. Ola and Mr. Fortin created a beast with this thing. Having three gain knobs is really cool and allows you to dial in a ton of different sounding distortions very quickly. I'm really looking forward to cranking this thing up and pushing the two 6L6/KT88's. The V30/G12T-75's in the cab handles low end perfectly and sounds full and transparent. I'll try to post some clips as soon as I can and sorry about the shitty Instagram pic as it's all I have at the moment. If you guys have the opportunity to try one out I highly recommend it
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    3 gain knobs sounds like a whole lot of fun Congrats..Enjoy!
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    Wow that looks amazing! Would love to try one.

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    Aww yeah. Those things sound great.


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    Congrats! Post some clips!
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    HNRG! Looks great
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    Nice, those are great heads. The V30/G12-T75 speaker combo is the same as the Bogner Uberkab and it sounds great. I had the same combo in an old Marshall 4x12 a couple of years back.
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    Oh hello
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