Simple 80's/classic metal type track I just recorded with my 'Laboga The Beast Classic 30' head/Laney IRT212 Cab mic'd at bedroom (conversation) levels. Then added the drums from my drum machine (Korg KR Mini) and mixed them in with Audacity. I've used the raw guitar tracks just as they were recorded for my mix no post processing (not even level adjustment ).

EQ was the same for both Rhythm tracks (but one track was recorded with the "mid switch' ON & the other track was with it OFF) Had some (light) delay in the loop for the solos's and added a little bit of reverb to them as well with Audacity. But the rhythm tracks were recorded dry. No bass guitar in the mix's just drums & guitars

And here's another vid with the raw rhythm tracks isolated (L-R) & combined for each of the (three or so lol) riffs..

I had the dumb idea of recording my rhythm guitar tracks along with the click track from my metronome's internal speaker (had it up close near the mic - see pic in the second video) thinking it would help me properly align/overdub my "real" drum track over it later. Except there was a problem in that it was recorded pretty loud & could'nt be completely overwritten ..that's why my snare has that weird, cheesy "clapping sound" (like Queen's "We will Rock You" lol)...anyway, hoping the bass will help with that later.. if not..well it actually has a bit of a Crimson Glory/Transcendence vibe to it (..sort of)

This amp has a really nice fat juicy/chewy crunch to the rhythm (lead channel) which I love & a sweet top-end for leads. It's "Classic" more in the sense of 80's metal tones than anything else (hot-rodded JCM 800!), though the Crunch channel can do some awesome blues/country/50's Rock 'n Roll type stuff as well.