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    Quote Originally Posted by mpexus View Post
    I know the Engls have tons of Gain but sometimes I read that they dont have the "Modern Metal" tone... and found it weird.

    I saw two for sale between 200-300 euros and then hit me that how different can they be from nowadays Distortion Pedals, thats why I asked here And note if purchased that I would only be using it with IRs and no other Physical Power Amp.

    I know that VST Cassidy, tks for the opinion and suggestion. All Gear I acquire is really to simply play in (exact sense of the word) at home, nothing serious just a way to help me pass time.

    I dont need some of what I already have but its cool to have, the Engl was because it reminded me more on having real Gear instead of Virtual one.

    I appreciate all the replies and even the Mesa suggestion. Every time I hear Petrucci demoing the Mesa I go crazy on the Tone
    A very odd claim that they don't sound "modern", but I suppose that depends on what you're referring to. I'd argue the Fireball, Powerball, Savage, and e530 all sound very modern.

    For home stuff, the e530 is great. I'm thinking of at some point building a backup rig with it and a poweramp, assuming I don't just use a Kemper as a backup.

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    5 or 6 years ago I ran one with an old rocktron Velocity120 poweramp & I loved it. I had a Savage years before that, and its definitely not the same, but its definitely still Engl. With the available switches you can get a pretty thick middy crunchy tone, down to a super tight scooped searing thing. The cleans are definitely useable. I don't remember getting very good crunch tones out of it with respect to running it in a 3-channel like setup, but thats OK.

    Recently I picked up an e840 50/50 poweramp & my buddy stumbled on an e530 for 350 bucks (sam ash had it in the pro-audio section with no clue what it was, hah!) so I'm really looking forward to putting the two together and seeing how that rig sounds. I run an ax8 and I'm happy with it, but I'm betting that once I hear it I'll be REALLY tempted to find one for myself and leave it in the rack.

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