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Thread: Spent an hour with a Helix today

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    Spent an hour with a Helix today

    Bored to tears here in Cleveland, I spent some time with a Helix today. Went through the various patches, which btw were abnormally decent for Line 6 stock patches. I had my trusty Sennheiser HD380's with me, for comparison's sake.

    It definitely is a step up from the POD HD stuff, even with stock IR's. The higher gain models were less fizzy than the older stuff is/was, and the lower gain stuff was pretty decent. However, I still struggle to say "yeah, this is a $1500 piece". That's a lot of money for something that quite honestly is on par with BIAS Amp or S-Gear, plugins that cost 10% of this thing. In fact, IMO S-Gear, while severely limited in comparison, is still much better for amp tones.

    I also played a Friedman Runt 20. This. Thing. Rips. It is a little fucking beast of an amp, with a surprisingly good clean channel, and a fucking fantastic gain channel. Really impressed, and for the $1099 on sale, it's a helluva little amp. IMO, it slays the most comparable Marshall, the Mini Jubilee.

    That's all. Just thought I'd follow up the many Helix jousting posts with an honest opinion.

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    Did it blow the nuts off of the Axe-FX?

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    I have been checking one out for a couple weeks and its pretty good.

    I finally figured out what I don't like about modelers tho. I dont like the jarring shift of amp character. I like that most multi channel amps, the general character of the sound is consistent thru the channels. On a modeler you have a Fender blackface clean and a Marshal or Mesa lead sound and its like WTF just happened to my sound. I dont like it and im not about to use a modeled distortion pedal into a modeled amp. I cant hang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxadam View Post
    Did it blow the nuts off of the Axe-FX?
    No, definitely not. The amp models aren't even as good as the Atomic, IMO. I think the Axe and the Kemper still rule the roost.

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    One I tried was good. But not $1500 good. Sounded like a improved POD, but still not the most realistic.

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    I can't help but be curious about why Line 6 cannot model amps as well as other manufacturers. It always seems like they're at the bottom of the (digital) tone totem pole
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    The new Helix model is only $999 btw and has all the same hardware and flexibility.

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    Interesting comparison Jeff. I keep debating going digital again, and the helix Lt seems like decent value - although modelling is my main concern and id be swayed to the atomic or ax8.

    Although the regular helix has a lot of features - 4 loops, relay switching, those scribble strips. It's this features that add to the cost imo and how they justify so high a price.

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