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Thread: Might need a Kemper backup/rehearsal alternative. Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra Commander View Post
    Helix Lt?
    It's not rack mount

    Quote Originally Posted by Professor Squidbeard View Post
    why not just bring the kemper to rehearsal? that way you're always playing the same rig.
    I dont want to disconnect everything at home and then hook it up everytime we have a rehearsal.

    I already have a guitar in rehearsal so I dont have to carry anything on the bus everything should be smooth.
    That's just ME, how others want to do is up to them. I want effienciey.
    The time needed to disconnect and pack things up, can be used for other things.

    Actually, I do have to carry my laptop to rehearsal, because we have our monitoring through Cubase.

    But I will probably buy/build a desktop PC and place it in rehearsal permanently, that way reducing what I need to carry to the Cubase USB key.

    Actually I might as well get Studio One or something for rehearsal, so I dont have to bring the USB key either.

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    What about Eleven Rack?

    There's one for sale in Sweden right now for not too much


    Screw Elevenrack, I watched this, and looked at comment section... Not gonna put myself into that crap.
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    Helix Rack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Helix Rack.
    It would have been a great idea if it wasn't new, and sort of expensive.
    There will not be many on the used market for a good price the near time

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    L6 HD Pro X? Doesn't do "amp matching" per se, but it's probably got enough of the sounds you'd use, it's "good enough" for a practice setting and they're cheap as chips on the used market.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocka_Rollas View Post
    My budget is pretty much what I can sell the EVH 5150 50 watts and Boss GT-100 for. I dont need those if I can find another rackmount amp with effects and shit that works similar to Kemper.
    Looking up the used prices on those (somewhere around $1000 total), a Helix LT seems like a big win... but it is a floorboard... if you just insist on using your controller I guess you could get a rack shelf and control it via your midi board, although the Helix's own switches are probably better than any external board. I actually have the little amplifire 3 button modeler and connect an external controller to it and this works quite well. The interface on the AA3 is very rudimentary though. It doesn't bother me much but some people find UIs to be an issue.

    If you simply must have rack gear then TBH, I would try to get a coupon for Sweetwater or GC and go Helix Rack if you have 3 spaces and can swing a little over budget... those can be had for like 1100-1200 with 15% off coupon.

    Otherwise you are looking at the usual suspects; most of which will fall fairly far short of your KPA: 11R, POD HD Pro X, GSP1101. TBH in that sub $1K group I would go straight for used first generation AxeFx. They are a lot of fiddling but are pretty great when dialed.

    Good luck!
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    Save up and get a rackmount kemper

    You may be able to trade or part trade your 5150 for one

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    Digitech 2101 or 2112?

    Digitech GSP1101?

    Rocktron Chameleon?

    Are you looking for something super awesome, or just something affordable?

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