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Thread: Guess the amp...

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    I Do too. I thought it sounded mark like at first, but everyone else said it sounded digital And that threw me off. Shows that the amplitube sim isnt a million miles off.

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    I thought it was going to be the Headrush or something from Joyo honestly. That was based off of what I heard in the high end. I didn't extremely dislike the tone but I prefer what I've heard from Ola's other stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpexus View Post
    I downloaded the preset since lately im fiddling more with Amplitube because of the cool but simple recorder, too bad it wont take external IRs but... anyway the sound I hear on the videos is not what I get on Ola's presets, so we still need his fingers
    Well having the same type of guitar helps of course
    If you don't want to use the internal IR you can always bypass that part and use another plugin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    I must need a new interface, every time I use that plugin, it sounds like ass, and I'm setting it right

    My thought is it's got to be the interface, I'm still using an old Saffire 6, which works great for running amps, mics, etc., line-in, but it's just not taking guitar plugged straight-in very well. Alright, someone recommend a new PC interface for me that handles direct guitar like a champ. I'm looking for USB, 2-4 inputs. Go!
    I'm thinking he must be doing some post-eq voodoo to it because I tried the pre-set as well and it's not even close to how it sounds in his demo.

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    I've never gotten Amplitube to not sound dull and mushy. I've always preferred every other amp sim model and external IR to whats in that plugin.
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