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One thing the pod has which the 11r doesn't is the ability to run multiple instances of an effect type in any order - eg 5 delays into a reverb and back into nto another delay. But if you are a pretty standard signal chain sorta guy it shouldn't matter.sent

Edit: also Leon recently picked up a gsp1101 - not a bad alternative to the pod, particularly of you are running 4cm.
Thanks. Does the 11r suffer if you don't use ProTools? And, the gsp might be a great piece, but I had a bad Digitech experience when I was touring and don't see myself ever spending money on another of their products - one of those mental block things.

Any other recommendations? I seem to gravitate back to the Boss line more often than not, but then end up back on the HD500x once I dig into that... might head over to GC today and try the HD500x and the GT-100 out side by side to see...