Looking for tips to dial in triple rectifier

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Thread: Looking for tips to dial in triple rectifier

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    Looking for tips to dial in triple rectifier

    Been messing around with the triple rec and I have two questions

    1) when using a lot of gain and a D tuned guitar that open D sounds like Thunder but undefined. How do you fix that? Tried Maxon OD808 overdrive 0, tone 12, balance 12.

    2) what do you do for a bright chimey clean? Is that possible?

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    What is your volume set to?

    On the OD808... set the balance to max... overdrive to 0... tone 12-1:00. A graphic eq like the Mesa 5 band in the loop will work wonders.

    Bright and chimney... ummm... not really Fender cleans. More on the warm/thick/full side.

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    thanks.....probably wishful thinking on the cleans.

    I have a mxr 10 band eq....what do you recommend I emphasize or reduce?

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    I find with my TR, anything above 11:00 turns into mush. The power amp starts to overpower everything and just gets weird. Sounds awesome if you love that super-thick, super-fuzzy Recto grind, but it's in no way quick or tight. Keep the master around 9:30 - 10:30. It sweetens up the tone but keeps the sound more defined. And as said above, boost 'er.

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    Maxon slammed hard out the front. Rule of the thumb for a recto: more gain = more bass (this the same for any amp but it's particularly noticeable on rectifiers), so as you pump in the gain you must roll the bass off. WAY off. Like 9 o'clock. You can get insanely tight/defined tones from recs, you've just got to ignore all your previous experience with amps They're unique, the tone controls are not user friendly or intuitive. It's almost better if you just close your eyes and do it by feel.

    As for cleans - the cleans before the reborn models weren't amazing but they're nice enough. Keep the presence high, and the highs fairly high, roll off the bass a little and scoop some mids. On rectos scooping the mids doesn't actually result in a scooped mid sound, so to speak, especially on the cleans. You're just dipping out the "roundness" of the tone and accenting more of the chime.
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    What Matt says. Roll that bass almost off. You should be able to get nice enough cleans with a triple as it's got crazy headroom.

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    Treble adds gain. Roll back gain if you increase treble.

    Mids half way is maxed out, past half is boost.

    High presence is crunchy rather than sizzly, low presence is growly and throaty. Don't be afraid of low presence settings; they can sound awesome.

    Bypass the loop or put an EQ in it (unless reborn, their loops are fine).

    Jazzhands is spot on about the master.

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    The other thing here is what do you consider a "lot" of gain? Depending on your pickups, anything past say 2-3 o'clock may mostly be unusable in Vintage or Modern.
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