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Thread: NSD! (56k = lutefisk)

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    NSD! (56k = lutefisk)

    Got myself some new shit today, that was delivered in this box:

    Mailman had tried to deliver the package at my place ten minutes before I got home, so I had to go all the way to the post office 30 metres away from my house...

    The items in all their out of focus glory:

    Then I thought it would be a smashingly good idea to install the DS7 right away.

    But I was hungry, so I decided to have some bacon and egg sandwiches first.

    Stomach full I embarked upon the epic task of installing an entire pickup for the first time.

    The obligatory 'fuck you old shitty pickup' pic:

    Installing finished.

    I also got this CD in the mail today:

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    Nice. The DS7 will sound fantastic in that guitar.

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    I'd second that too, it sounds killer in my mahogany/maple KXK
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