I'm not paying $60+ just to hang four guitars...

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Thread: I'm not paying $60+ just to hang four guitars...

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    I'm not paying $60+ just to hang four guitars...

    So I'm making my own wall hangers and you can too!

    The safest place for a guitar is in it's case however, it's my belief that a cased guitar is also an un-played guitar. We have a small living area so there's no room for floor stands.

    All these guitar cases on the bed sure make it hard for sleeping. Not to mention getting frisky with the Mrs! There has to be a better way!

    Everything you'll need (and a couple you can do without. Don't smoke, kids)

    The hardest thing to find was the correct hanger. Almost every hardware store carries these. They go for about 89 cents but they're too small. Maybe they'll work for mandolins and ukuleles but not guitars. Don't waste your time.

    This is what you need to have. The Screw In Super Tool Hanger made by Crawford, part #SH13. The space between the two "hooks" is 2". Plenty of room for a standard guitar or bass neck. Neither Home Depot nor Lowe's carry them. I finally found mine at an Ace Hardware for $2.99 per but it was the 2nd one I went too. Not all locations carry them. However, these can be found on line from a multitude of sellers as well.

    You can use whatever your little heart desires for a support plate but I chose these door molding rosettes. $2.19 per at Home Depot. Whatever you use be sure that it has enough mass to support the hanger and load of the guitar. Hell, if you don't care about looks you could just use a block of 2x4 (just make sure the screws will pentrate the wall stud deep enough).

    These wood screws suck but are shown just to let you know what size I used. I broke two of them when screwing them into the wall. Thankfully I had some of the same size with course threads in my tool pouches for work and used them instead.

    Next you'll want to pre-drill the holes for the hanger and countersink for the mounting screws. If you don't pre-drill your holes I assure you that a small block like this will split right in half when you try to insert the screws or hanger. I'm anal so I made sure to measure and mark where I wanted to drill the holes.

    This is a countersink bit. Make sure to use the correct size bit for the screws you'll be using. I used #8 screws therefore I used a #8 countersink. Also, I forgot to take pictures of this but you'll want to use a 5/16" drill bit to drill the hole for the hanger.

    You can do this with a hand drill but if you have access to a drill press I'd suggest using that. When drilling your countersunk holes make sure that you don't go too far into the wood. I only drilled these so the screw heads would sit about a 1/16" below the surface of the wood.

    If you look close enough you'll see that some of the wood chipped away when I test inserted the hanger. These rosettes are just made of pine and are pretty soft.

    Not a problem though. Some quick work with a marples chisel remedied this. If I wanted to get really picky I could have sanded it smooth but its in an area that won't be noticed once painted and assembled so I left it.

    There you have it... Wait. That looks like crap.

    There, that's better. I went with two coats of cheap (97 cents) flat black spray paint and Voilà! You can use whatever color you like. I'll leave that to your own creative means and desires. Also, when you mount these to the wall make sure you're screwing them into a stud. Studs are generally spaced at 16" on center. I suppose you can use wall anchors if you have to but I wasn't that comfortable using them.

    The total material cost was $23.65 +tax. That's including the screws I ended up not using. Much easier on my wallet and now the Mrs and I are free to get freaky when the opportunity presents itself.

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    Dear Lee,

    Please look the other way while I steal your basses.

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    Simple, yet effective.

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    Looking at the length of the screw on the hanger, I'm guessing some of that penetrates into the stud too?
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    Nice work! I want to do that, too, but Leonland (the basement) can get a bit dank in the summer, and I don't want moldy guitars. Maybe when I move somewhere where I can stow guitars above ground

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    Nice project

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    Thinking about it, I might add some sort of padding to the wall where the body of the guitar could hit.

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    I did exactly the same thing, for the same reason actually.

    Well done.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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