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Thread: Finally done! (56k = no)( crosspost)

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    Finally done! (56k = no)( crosspost)

    Well, finally decided to right the grave injustice that was the finish on my RG7, decided to go with a gunmetal gray finish, and I think it turned out rather well, considering it was all done with spray paint.

    I call it the RG7X20 Custom because at this point, you can't really classify it as a model. Any other name ideas welcome

    The parts contained in this beast:

    Neck - Stamped RG7620 (Came on the body new)
    Body - Stamped RG7420
    Trem - Lo-Pro Edge off a UV777GR, With a Schaller FR-type arm assembly.
    Control knob - Cosmo Black off a RG570
    Pickup - SD P1 Blackout Neck
    Pickguard is custom-cut Black mirror (note my sweet camouflage Lounge pants! )

    This mother SINGS.
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    Looks really cool. Nice work!

    That's actually the color I wanted for my Mustang. Gun Metal Gray =

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    Can we get more pics?
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    Looks good!

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