I think floating trems just aren't for me

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Thread: I think floating trems just aren't for me

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    I think floating trems just aren't for me

    I'm coming to the conclusion that as cool as trems are, it's just not worth the hassle of them considering how little I actually use one. I usually just do divebombs (my Whammy pedal can do that), and the very, very rare flutter. The Death Warrior's Tremol-no is in locked mode and I never put the bar in my KXK. In fact, if I'm really honest about it, as cool as the action is on a Kahler I just find the bar positioning a complete pain in the arse. I just find it getting in the way all the time.

    Add to that my propensity to damage them every time I try to set one up, I think floating trems just aren't for me.

    Having having had that moan, the one thing I do like about double locking bridges is fine tuners. String & tune it properly, lock it up, and you can use the fine tuners for ages before you have to unlock the nut. I recieved my KXK in July, and the first time I unlocked the nut was Monday night to change the snapped high E. Yeah, I know it's a long time to not change the strings, but I honestly haven't had much chance to play it and wear them out.

    Anyway, the upshot is I'm not going to be selling either of my main axes, even though I only own floating bridge guitars at the moment. I'm still selling that 540S7, but that's because I can't justify keeping it right now. When I get my KXK set up with D'addario's to match the one's on the DW, I'll get the set screw put in to lock it into fixed bridge mode. Then, I'll be rocking two guitars set up as fixed bridges, but if I ever feel the need to mess about with a floating bridge I can.

    It'll also mean I can mess about with altered tunings, as rebalancing a floating trem is a pain in the arse.

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    I also dont like trems.

    so i wont be getting guitars with them
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    I actually don't really do a lot of whammy antics, but almost all of my guitars are trem equipped. I just like the way they sound and feel.

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    I'm with you James!

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    I LOVE trem equipped guitars, meanwhile. I'm not a heavy trem abuser by any means, but I like the way it allows you to add some subtle nuances, little swoops and dives, to your phrasing. There's something "glassy" and slidelike about the sound of a guitar hovering in and out of a pitch with a bar that I really dig - it's a sound I've always associated with George Lynch, for some reason.
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    I'm appalled by this thread....
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    I don't use them loads, a bit of subtle vibrato on chords and perhaps a bit more on leads so all in all I really don't need a locking trem, but I just don't feel at home on anything that hasn't got one, the Edge trems in particular, I also really like the vintage style trems on PRS' and the Ernie Ball JP sigs, now if we ever got something like the fixed Edges for a 7... well, I dont know what I'd do... probably buy the guitar its attached too

    But then even with that I'd still like a trem to play about with (I should probably just buy a t-no)

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    The main reason why I opt for trem-equipped guitars is I think they're really comfortable from an ergonomic standpoint, especially the original Edge. For example Tune-o-matic is a fine bridge, but playing anything more complex with it is a lot harder for me since I can't find a comfortable anchor point. Other types of hardtails are fine, though.

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