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Thread: NGD!

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    Just got my new sixer in!

    Now I know that there’s not many people around that likes those guitars…
    So I don’t expect a lot of «Congrats!».

    Anyway, I’ve always liked them. Found a great deal and I had to finally order one. As a played that model in the past, I knew what I was gonna get, altough I never tried that specific model. The one thing most people hate (because of the way it looks) was the first reason why I wanted to have to guitar for me : the neckjoint. For me, it’s the most « orgasmic-to-put-my-fretting-hand-on » around.

    Overall, guitar is quite cool. And yes, I like the way it looks. My first black guitar ever!

    Since this is the « average » model (not the cheapest, not the most expensive) and it is made in Indonesia, there’s a few small finish flaws (fret ends, pickguard’s cut) and the pickups are cheap and noisy as all hell, especially the single coils. Bridge Bill Laurence pickup is OK so far, altough it is not the high end one found on more expensive N’s. They’re all going to be replaced if I keep the guitar. Oh and I love where the pickups 5-way switch is located. :yesway :

    Neck is great, rounded back ą-la-Strat but a bit thinner. Flat fingerboard radius is just great. Lovin’ it so far.

    All in all, I was looking for a maple-fretboard sixer with a reverse headstock and a Floyd… Good luck finding one! That was about my only option beside hunting down a rare and hard to get RG 565 (lost a bid on Ebay for one by 5$ ) or 570 or an 80’s ESP-LTD Mirage. Oh well… I'll keep looking anyway, especially since I got to try Josh's 565. What a great guitar!

    Features of the N-61 :

    - Swamp ash body
    - Maple neck
    - Maple fingerboard
    - Bill Lawrence® L500 bridge pickup
    - 2 Washburn Shaman single coil pickups in Neck and Mid positions
    - Floyd Rose® licensed locking tremolo
    - Stephens extended cutaway 5-bolt neck joint
    - Grover® 18:1 gear ratio tuners
    - Buzz Feiten Tuning System™

    President - Reverse Headstock Lover's Club ©

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    Sweet looking guitar.
    The only proof he needed for the existance of God was music.
    Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

    Without music, life would be a mistake.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    It's different, and I like it

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    Nice! How's the neck joint feel? I mean, it's obviously different visually, but could you extrapolate a bit?

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    Location: Montreal / QC. / CAN.
    ME: ESP Maverick
    Rig: 6505~(some pedals)~Orange

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    In one word : orgasmic.

    No really... As far as I know, there's nothing like it around. It really feels like there's no neck joint AT ALL. Just like the neck goes straight into the body, nothing in the way. It's just unique. First time I tried one (my brother-in-law has one) I really thought it felt special and so cool to play with. Having your thumb right behind the neck on the higher frets is just pleasurable, since it can be straight up, no need to have it at an angle. I don't know how to say it otherwise.

    May Josh can chime in, he tried it.

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    Pickguard aside,

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    Location: Montreal / QC. / CAN.
    ME: ESP Maverick
    Rig: 6505~(some pedals)~Orange

    iTrader: 2 (100%)


    Yeah, I know. At least, what I like from that one is that it blends with the body (black/black). It's the only model that it's that "discreet". Others have black on black, but pickups color is different and makes the pickguard pop out, imo.

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