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Thread: So, the waiting game begins...

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    So, the waiting game begins...

    Now, for those of you remember the 200$ UV parts for sale thread on about a year ago, well, i got them, a heap of rusted parts, cracked body, missing scratchplate, one single white humbucker, in fact, pictures say more than a thousand words:

    The Body:

    The bridge:

    The Neck:

    Now, a bit of a horror show, but, I gave it all a rust bath, have put new saddles on the trem (black ones, seems like there's a total lack of cosmo chrome ones about) and then got rid of the body, as didn't want another basswood guitar, and then got the following bits and pieces:

    A new body, courtesy of sims custom shop, all pimped out in swamp ash:

    Some fancy pimped up shit:

    Some electronics (whether they go in, no idea yet, depends if it works, or not...)

    More pimped out shit:

    but that, well, for now, is the end. All these things are now at an undisclosed secret location, with neck, bridge and a few red and a few red/black and one black coloured pickups, along with a spec, some ideas and a determination to finally get it finished (well, there's some stuff to be done after all this as well, but to get all the stuff done that i can't do) having made the journey...

    Now, I wait with baited breath for a call, one that will reveal what has happened, and when i can pick it up ready for the final assembly!



    Mr Trees.

    P.S: This is going to be a love it or hate it guitar. It shall hence be dubbed "project marmite"

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    Awesome! I can't wait to see it all done!
    I needs me a swamp ash body too.

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    More than 2 knobs? And 2 of them are TONES?! Truly a bastardization indeed.

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    I would guess black/red swirl paint, but I'm not sure with the green fret markers.

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    Cool James

    Looking Forward to seeing this finished

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    red dots .. now

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    dude! a swamp ash rg is going to sound awesome

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    Location: 7th plane of ethereal hell
    ME: Ibanez UV7PWH
    Rig: Mesa Roadking II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crucified View Post
    dude! a swamp ash rg is going to sound awesome
    I'm well excited too! With the old school uv7bk neck (which is also getting modified, in more than one way) it'll play like the guitar i love, but, will hopefully sound awesome!

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