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Thread: Mr Sherman - another awesome guitar

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    Mr Sherman - another awesome guitar

    I searched on the site and didn't see anything else regarding it. I remember a while ago you getting that Kahler and I'd been dying to see what was happening - much ass kickage.

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    Looking at that thing makes me want to play it so bad.

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    That thing looks amazing and plays fantastically. Too bad about all the knobs though!

    Also, I'd have gone for a perpendicular fret somewhere closer to the nut, but that's just me. Great guitar regardless, and I hope its owner has finally taken delivery of the thing as it's been sitting at Mike's house unplayed for way too long!
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    Fucking hawt! I've always wanted to try a fan fret guitar.

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    I'm not a fan of 8-string guitars, but this one looks phenomenal.

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    5 knobs? 8 strings? fanned frets? where do i sign?!
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    I want that, right now, damn that is hot.

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    Thanks Brian.
    It's been done for a few months now, and have been trying to get in touch with it's owner, so it's incubating waiting to go to it's home.

    This one is a prime example of going alittle too nuts with the knobs and such ( a common trait with some customers when spec-ing a custom guitar).

    My findings of the kahler are somewhat mixed. It does manage to work, however the distance from the saddles to the cam is long on G - high A string, and suffers from overtones. It also lessens the string break angle over the saddle.
    Being that this guitar has the perp. fret at the 12th, it will be worse with a guitar that has a the perp at the 9th, 7th, 5th, ect...

    The only way to combat the string break angle (for anyone wishing to go with the Kahler fanned trem in the future) would be to recess the treble side of the bridge deeper into the body. Keep in mind that kahlers require a minimum of .650" of neck pitch for proper string break over the saddles, so that would sink the treble side somewhat deep into the body if going for the low-pro string height off the body. Certainly do-able, but might look alittle strange.
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