I await the arrival of my 8 string that's coming in, so for the time being I'm stuck with my two 6 strings. Not a bad thing, until I found out my main one - the Kramer - is having issues with the frets around the low E from the 9th all the way to the 24th. I do a lot of my riffing on the low E and it's starting to take it's toll on the frets it would seem. Whenever I play something from the 9th fret up it sounds echo-y and like complete shit. I had planned on getting a new body for it but at this point it seems to be out of the question. Any suggestions as to what I should do with it? Is a leveling all it needs?

My Jackson - I have a cheap Jackson King V that's been sitting around after the Dream Theater concert last year during which I had all 5 of them sign it (granted now it's down to 4 due to wear). I'm considering giving this the new body now, most likely an Explorer type and taking the pickups out of the Kramer (SD Invader/'59) and throwing them in here and having a Parts-o-plorer if you will. Or I could buy one of the used Jackson bodies on eBay and just swap the pickups and do some rewiring. What do you guys think?

Level/refret the Kramer?
Explorer or new superstrat body?
New guitar with Kramer pickups?