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Thread: NMNGD - (lots of pictures...)

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    NMNGD - (lots of pictures...)

    hey everyone, ive never posted here before, but ive lurked for a while... i used to do the same on sevenstring.org but its gone downhill lately. instead of an introduction thread im just going to post my new guitar day

    well.. heres the box.. so now you know its obviously a schecter ha

    the all too cliche weapon picture

    this is going to make a mess

    hey look. 8 strings....

    i had some pictures of it right out of the box.. but i was too excited and couldnt keep the camera still haha

    heres some of it with my other two main guitars

    so its a schecter blackjack ATX C-8.. supposedly theres only 50 of them being made or something like that... i got it from drum city guitarland.. and for anyone who doesnt know.. they are absolutely amazing. ive purchased all three of those guitars from them. Jason packs it like its the most important thing in the world. now the specs: its a mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard, 26.5 inch scale. pickups are seymour duncan blackouts. the only thing im not too into about this guitar is the inlay.. but thats no biggie for me.

    there are more detailed specs on the schecter website under limited 2009 guitars. this guitar sounds and plays amazingly... I was so happy to get a chance to try it out with my full rig at my drummers house today. its so insanely comfortable to play... ive never fallen in such deep love with an inanimate object until now.



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    Nice new gitfiddle too

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    sweet! I'd love to see how i get on with schecter 8-string necks, the 7's feel a tiny bit "thin" for me in the shoulders or some such jazz.

    nice family!
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    That's a shitload of strings for only being three guitars

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    Wow... very nice. I actually love the ATX inlay.

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    I miss my ATX C7; great guitar. Very cool man! And welcome! The water's warmer here anyway, even if it's because someone peed in it.

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    Congratulations, nice score

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    Not bad.

    I'd love to grab one of those - the handful of 8's I've played have just been so much fun. The problem is I just don't know if I'd be able to use the range musically or if it'd never be more than a novelty for me, so I've been a little hesitant to pull the trigger.
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