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Thread: NGD - Ibanez SA360EX

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    NGD - Ibanez SA360EX

    Thanks to Delphino Pie I've now swapped my RG7 mutt for this rather tasty SA360EX. Set 5 piece neck, mahogany body, flamed maple top (probably a veneer) and Duncan Designed H-S-S pickups. Handily I was going to Cadbury World with the family on Thursday and Martin lives 5mins down the road form there, so we were able to save the postage money.

    So far, I like it. Not a mega slim neck, but I prefer a tiny bit more meat on my 6 string necks than on 7's, but it plays nicely. The strings are very dead, but even so the pickups actually sound pretty decent. Tonight's plans are a full strip down, a good clean up, polish the frets, oil the board, block the trem and just generally get it ready to rock the way I like my guitars.

    Some pics for now:

    Cheers for doing the swap Martin, hope you enjoy the RG7
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    Nice score man those are cool little players.

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    Nice James

    I played one of those a while back. Sadly it was set up so poorly I couldn't get into playing it at all (Id like to tyr one set up properly)

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    I like. There aren't enough fixed bridge HSS guitars.

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    I'm having a serious GAS attack for an S/SC/SA right now

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    It seems a bit cosmetically off, for me... You should see if you can get some pickup rings made for the S/S. I think that would make up for the lack of binding on the neck and headstock.

    Tonally, I'll bet that's a sick little monster

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    I agree with leon. congrats, nice axe!
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    Sweet Congrats.

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