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Thread: NGD! (old school metal Tele content)

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    NGD! (old school metal Tele content)

    Been looking for that one for some time now. Good old 1988 Charvel model 7, wich I stole from Ebay.
    This guitar is incredible. You can feel the Charvel golden age mojo.

    Now, since I don't care about any form of twang and want to turn this into a beefy beast, pickups will have to go. Buckers are coming in.

    80's Metal Tele FTW.

    * disclaimer : these are not my pics, but this is exactly the guitar. Sorry, busy playing, needed to make it quick lol.
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    God do I envy you right now

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    Jari Mäenpää gets some sick metal tones from a Tokai tele copy.

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    Nice score! It looks new.

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    Oh, you fucking bastard!
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    want to have some fun with that? don't bother putting a bucker in the bridge - drop a BKP Piledriver in there. search "piledriver clip" and find the video w/ bulb using nolly's tele
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    and the headstock !

    Congrats !! looks fantastic !
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    Some hot Tele pickups and a 4-way switch (so you get a series connection between the two coils) will give you a monstrous sound.

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