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    Sims Custom Shop

    Today, I received my guitar with the Custom Transformers Bumblebee paint scheme and I must start off by saying, "WOW!!!" The awesome pictures on his site do not do it justice! Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, Patrick Sims immediately knew what I wanted when I sent him a picture of the Camaro Concept used in the movie. Starting with the Kandy Yellow, he continued to mix in other colors until the paint matched the picture perfectly. When I spoke with him on the phone after viewing an assembled picture he had sent to me, he said, "I don't even know what color it is now. I kept adding and adding..." (I'm not saying what he added in... gotta keep it a secret!) Patrick Sims has not only given me exactly what I asked for, he has given me a truly one-of-a-kind paint job. The color is absolutely beautiful! I am confident when I say that I am the only person in the world with this color. Thank you, Sims Custom Shop!

    Tony Pacheco,
    Automatic Rival

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    /sigh. is it just me or does it really seem like the last two people that joined this site to give sims a "kudos" had their posts written by the same person?

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    No kidding, Kev.

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    I'm actually in agreement here. Two new users in two days signing up to post raving reviews about SCS, followed by some serious thread tagging for SCS, including these two posts which have nothing to do with it.

    Zebra in America

    While I'm all for supporting businesses, and I have no problem with people promoting themselves on this site, this isn't This is a small site of buddies who moved over here to bullshit about metal and music with each other. It's getting out of hand, and since I don't have time to individually check every other SCS tagged post to see if they're valid, I'm just going to nuke all of the tags.

    No offense meant to the two new guys, or to you Patrick. It's just that there's yet another thread on here where a customer asks for an update on his work. That post was subsequently ignored, and now we have two new posts from new members in as many days saying how wonderfully happy they are with SCS.

    It's coming across as spam, basically, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that's getting that vibe.

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    ^ Thank you. I was feeling and thinking the same thing.

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    Testimonials are a good thing, but the more appropriate place for them is them on your own site, rather than encouraging your customers to register on forums solely for the purpose of posting unsolicited testimonials.

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    Patrick, are you having your customers sign up just so someone will nominate your work for Guitar of the Month?
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    Thats b/c I've been asking customers to post reviews. Both people can be contacted (Crown of Thorns LP & Bumblebee Ibanez) I'm sure they wouldn't mind talking to you about it. Darren, what you suggested isn't going to work anymore. The problem with just putting up the Testomonials on my site is that it makes it look less Legit, Biased, etc when their only there b/c alot of my customers are not Forum members. So, inturn, it is more effective to have customers who are willing to post reviews on nline in areas other than my site, that way it can get out in the community.

    I've seen several times people say on forums...>"How come we always read bad reviews on the forums then you have all these good ones on your site??"......ok, fine, so I ask my customers to post on the forums....then I get "Testimonials are a good thing, but the more appropriate place for them is them on your own site"

    I tell you, its a no-win situation.

    Also, not everyone is a member of the fourms I'm active in, but may only be in 1 forum. Like Tony Pacheco (Owner of this Ibanez) is an active member on Harmony-Central. An Ibanez refinish review won't do as much for me there as it would say on here or Jemsite. Just as a 7 string review would do me more good posted on than a Les Paul forum, etc.

    I never tell my customers what to say in a review. They type it themselves, all I ask is they post their thoughts on the work they received & experience they had. Can you imagine how bad it would be if I actually told someone what to say, then they posted that email on a forum!! Talk about back firing! So no, I don't do that. And you know what? I don't have to tell anyone what to say.....b/c when they receive their instrument back the quality of the work will be all thats needed.
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