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Thread: Self-Made Swirl JEM

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    Self-Made Swirl JEM

    Hello everyone,

    It must be in the early 90ies when this virus infected me by listing to Mr. Vai's Passion and Warfare. Not really the music but the guitar on the front cover knocked me out. Wow! I got home, took my old classic guitar and went to the garage of my parents and tried to get this guitar look like the swirled one from the cover. As you can imagine, this classic guitar found it's way to the bulk garbage I didn't forget this, after all these years.

    I bought a S470B a few month ago and was infected by the Ibanez virus again. A few month ago I thought about doing my own Swril JEM modell. Sad to say that no one in Germany seems to be able to do a swirl paint job (and I talked to nearly every paintshop and luthier. So the project seemed to be lost before it really started...

    I did a lot of internet research and did a lot of paint tests in the last month and some time ago I swirled my first guitar body. A JEM Body of course

    I finished the guitar a few weeks ago and I'm happy to present my VVolverine JEM 'Revelation' to you. Comments are welcome...

    Oh, by the way, If anyone is looking for a swirl paint job, let me know. I'm offering this as a service. Of course all other paint jobs too.

    VVolverine - Custom Swirl-, Paisley- and other Paint Jobs

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    Nice job! Welcome aborad!


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    Looks like the research paid off. Nicely done!
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    Saw this over at Jemsite, and gotta say, that is a really, really amazing job.

    I think I was in the same boat with you when I got Passion and Warfare. I think I was more interested in the guitar than I was the music!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxadam View Post
    Saw this over at Jemsite..
    And too.

    Good luck with the swirling business and i hope you can achieve a high standard of swirling like OOTS.

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    That's actually a damned good swirl, man - great color saturation and definition. I'd like to see a slightly more chaotic pattern, but that's just nitpicking on an exceptionally well done job.
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    Very nice!

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    Beautiful job man, thats a great looking instrument right there.

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