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Thread: NGD! Awesome Agile guitar goodness inside!

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    NGD! Awesome Agile guitar goodness inside!

    Something I ordered from Rondo Music in September, that was supposed to arrive in January, arrived a little early! I was super stoked, so I thought I would share my newest acquisition with the time honored tradition of the pic story. Enjoy!

    The unopened box, with my little princess standing next to it:

    Unpacking in progress:

    Some okay shots of the Interceptor Pro 725 in its case. I hope to take some outdoor pics soon to capture the awesome finish this beast has!

    The guitar came perfect tuned out of the case, and I must say, I am very impressed with the overall feel of this guitar. I was pleasantly surprised to note the recessed trem, unlike the Interceptor 727 I previously owned and the Douglas SR-370 I currently own. The action is nice and low. The Interceptor Pro also seems a bit lighter than the Septor 727 and Intrepid Standard I previously owned (yes, I'm an Agile whore, I admit it...) I'll put her through the paces this week, and if I have time, post a clip of it in action.

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    Very nice score.
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    Nice top.

    If that's a 25.5" neck, and the other Interceptor was 27" and had a non-recessed trem, then it totally makes sense it's a little lighter.
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    Very nice. Congrats!

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    woah that looks pretty sweet

    Nice score man

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    Man, I really want one of those.
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    Nice catch man

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