Minwax tung oil finish for neck?

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Thread: Minwax tung oil finish for neck?

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    Minwax tung oil finish for neck?

    Thus far I have been using 100% tung oil to finish necks, but my supply is almost gone and I don't want to place an order for only a single container of tung oil. While at Home Depot last night, I saw Minwax tung oil as well as Watco danish oil. From what I have read, both products are basically an oil base with other stuff mixed in to decrease dry time and increase flowout.

    Has anyone successfully used either of these products to finish a neck?

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    From the research I've done, apparantly they aren't the same as real tung oil. Which is why they add the "finish" at the end of the name. They're designed to give something similar to what a fully tung oil finish would.

    I went with the 100% tung oil myself, and while it does take more coats, I think it's worth it.

    Try this website...
    Pure Tung Oil Finish - Wood Finishing - All Natural Finish - China Wood Oil - Real Milk Paint

    you can buy the 8oz container and it would still probably last you a long time, I put 10 generous coats on my entire guitar and I've probably used about 1/2 of what is in there (8oz)and I was overly generous with my application and used fresh sponges several times. It's relatively cheap if you did intend on getting the bigger bottles. Shipping was about two days to NJ.

    As for the "finish"-types, I've heard good things about Formby's...
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    I've used Formby's with good results too.
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