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Thread: NGD! - Minty green and pink PGM awesomeness!

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    NGD! - Minty green and pink PGM awesomeness!


    The Ibanez PGM200, one of the 2 "goddammit, I have to have one!" models of PGM along with the 800, is now my 10th PGM! Millions and millions of thanks go to Sean Baker (from the PGM subforums at the RacerX board) for selling this fantastic guitar to me.

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    Good lord, that is simply hideous, and not hideous in a good way.
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    [action=ohio_eric]predicts Donnie is going to shit his pants[/action]
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    I love it!
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    Sweet! Those things are super-rare, aren't they?

    Are there any PGMs you don't have?

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    I'll reserve my opinion on aesthetic f-holes for another time.

    Quote Originally Posted by ohio_eric View Post
    [action=ohio_eric]predicts Donnie is going to shit his pants[/action]

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    wow, I'm not a fan of the color combo but hooray for a rare piece indeed.
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    Alright, I'll ask the stupid question.

    I see a fixed bridge RG with a humbucker in the middle. What's the scoop with it that makes it so special?

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