2018 Customs New Fretboard Inlay Design - Your Input?

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Thread: 2018 Customs New Fretboard Inlay Design - Your Input?

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    2018 Customs New Fretboard Inlay Design - Your Input?

    Hi all. I've been working on a new fretboard inlay design. My idea was to have something organic-like and flowing like the tree of life and with smaller dots like the DNA. I love those two inlays but wanted to come up with something of my own using those as inspiration. So I'm calling this the Ribbon and Confetti inlay.

    By the way, I did this yesterday really fast as I didn't have much time and just used a scrap piece of plywood. It's got a radius of 16", but you can't tell that from the pic.

    I stupidly painted the inlay in hoping it would make it show up better in the pics and instead it just made it look like crap. But anyways, you should be able get the general idea.

    The small dot inlays would get the pearl dots you see in the pic below, and the larger dot inlays 9apinted red) would get the abalone dots. You could use any shell or plastic, but this gives you an idea. The ribbon inlay (painted black) will be shell, exotic wood, plastic, etc., whatever one might would want.

    I need to do just a few tweaks, but that's it...probably nothing terribly noticeable. Anyways, I wanted to get everyone's input. Do you like it? Do you dislike it? What would you change? And any other comments you might have.

    Thanks in advance!

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    OMG SICK. i'm jealous.

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    Very cool.

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    I would change nothing.

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    very original, I dig it.
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    Clean up the lines clearly, but otherwise that's fucking great
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    I guess you mean how the paint bled into the wood and/or how my painting inside the inlay pockets weren't all that great? Yea, I was a bit rushed when I did that. I just wanted the inlay pockets to stand out better when I took a picture of it. I could've done a better job in photoshop. Anyways....

    Thanks everyone for your comments! If anyone else has any comments please let me know. I'd like to come up with something that looks like this, but with the majority of the people liking it. Most people here are probably also members on other forums that I posted these same pics. Eventually I want to do some other designs and incorporate other ideas to come up with either one design or a few designs to choose from.

    In the very near future I want to offer this as an option for a fret board inlay. The idea is to have something that looks pretty, organic, something you could put on a classic shaped guitar and you could say that it looks like it fits, and you could also put it on a RG shape or other metal guitar shape and say that it fits too.

    I mean, the tree of life you normally might not think that it belongs on an RG or a JEM for that matter, but Vai changed that and now it looks normal to have that. J-Custom RGs have a tree of life that's more bubblier in appearance and it looks like it belongs there, you know. So, that's what I'm after. Something pretty, organic and natural looking, will set off a classy guitar shape as well as be pretty cool on an RG or other metal shaped guitar.

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    I think it looks great. The only thing is, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was Chris Woods' DNA inlay:

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