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Thread: Crackmachine- blackmachine knockoff

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    Crackmachine- blackmachine knockoff

    Ok, so I got this at the end of november on the 25th. ordered it on Sept 2nd. Been meaning to post it up and actually mention its existence, but been too busy with work and all to get around to it. I'm technically busy right now, and it shows in these crappy pictures, when i have the time ill retake and repost pics. You can barely see the frets when playing it if at all some times.
    Not at liberty to say how much it cost, but its a fraction of a blackmachine. One of a kind with a no return policy. Had to supply my own woods too. How does it sound? Clear, probably the clearest sounding heavy metal guitar ever built? Heavy, heavy and clear. That pretty much describes it. The guitar itself is actually pretty dense. It resonates like an acoustic, first time i played it, i didnt even plug it in, just strummed it like i was christopher cross. Riffs ring out with super definition. Plays and sounds 20 times better than my Schecter Jeff Loomis 7 string. And I'm a guy who loves his trems! I have a feeling the Honduras is what makes the tone largely, my next guitar will feature the same specs SANS ebony top to test this theory, and will probably have a trem, possibly kahler like my kahler equipped CS6. But there you go Carvin/Blackmachine lovers!

    Specs are:
    Honduras Rosewood neck w/ Ebony fillets
    Ebony top
    Ebony Fretboard
    Ebony laminated Headstock (reversed 7 string headstock /w black Carvin Logo)
    6000 fretwire
    Swamp Ash body
    Black inlays (was suppose to be No inlays but there was a mistake and regular dot frets were put on, had them replaced with black dots)
    Oil finish
    Sperzel Locking tuners
    Graphite saddles
    FT7 fixed bridge
    One tone, one volume, 3 way toggle
    D-activator Bridge
    Air Norton Neck
    Yngwie Malmsteen signature nut foam (replaced with generic foam after re-fretting)

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    Thats a pretty hot looking fiddle man
    Confront and Cry

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    I'd say it reminds me more of a Carvin but sweet guitar either way!

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    That is sexy as hell. Looks like a BM'd 747.

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    It's like a Carvinmachine! Was this actually built for you by Carvin?

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    Tis a genuine Carvin

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    i dig the black dots. never seen that on ebony before.

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    My god... how on earth did you convince them to make that for you?

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