Any one have any dealings with USAGC?

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Thread: Any one have any dealings with USAGC?

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    Any one have any dealings with USAGC?

    These guys.

    I am really tempted to try and build me a Suhr Pro S2 with parts from this company. I have read that the main guy was once a higher up at Warmoth and became displeased with how they were doing business, so he started this company. They have some really neat options to choose from. I am sure that I could get close to the Suhr feature wise, but what I want to know is:

    How are their necks and fretwork?
    How are their bodies and neck pocket "tightness?"
    What about their finishes? Are they up to par?

    That's about it I guess. So let me know what you know.

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    I've heard good things about them on forum.

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    Too bad that their selection is even more limited than Warmoth's. It would have been cool if they had more than the typical body shapes and necks.

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    My cousin and I both made a parts telecaster a couple of years ago, both of us ordering our necks from them and i ordered my body from them as well. A year and a half ago I ordered a second body from them for a superstrat project. the body arrived 14-15 days later and unfortunately is preped and is still sitting in my closet awaiting a neck.

    In terms of neck pocket tightness, everything was absolutely perfect and even had to sand down a bit of overspray that i managed to not mask off for the final fit.

    Fretwork hasn't bothered me enough to have it done, but then again i've never bothered to have it done on any of my other guitars.

    Can't say much about their finishes, as I did the body myself. If you want to do your own finish check out ReRanch Guitar Refinishing - lots of great info and finishes.

    Customer service is superb, and they have been very quick to respond to emails.

    I think the biggest thing I learned off my tele was knowing what you want goes a long way towards making a great gutiar.

    Good luck with your project

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