Finished my veneering project.......

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Thread: Finished my veneering project.......

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    Finished my veneering project.......

    I tried to post up on but I always have issues there with pics.....This was my first attempt at veneering so take it easy on me. It's not perfect and at a later date, I've got some bigger plans....

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    Wow, that's really nice. I love the contrast. Can we get a close up of where the side meets the top? That's the part I'm trying to figure out how to get to look clean (if I do it to one of my guitars).

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    That looks damn good for a first attempt. To be honest I can't really see what it is you're not happy with on it.

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    I really like it, i would dye the fretboard black and it will be sex!

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    Nice job! You have nothing to apologize for... that looks really well done, especially for a first try at it!

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    What part of Wisconsin are you from BTW?

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    Nice man! Where did you pick up the veneer?
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    That looks sweet. That's very nice work.
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