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Thread: Small bit of gear that follows you around?

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    Small bit of gear that follows you around?

    I'm sure we all have one. Some innocuous piece of gear, might be a beater guitar, a pedal, maybe a strap, that you never use for anything (or everything) that has just never let you down, ever?

    for me, it's this 6' braided cable... no idea what brand it is, I jacked it from some band after they decided they were gonna play a practical joke on me and "relocate" my half-stack out of the rehearsal area, so I took a parting gift. I've had it for 5 years now, and my Livewire Elites, Monsters, Regular Livewires, Procos, and Mogami cables have all crapped out on me at one point or another (lifetime warranty woooo) but this thing just keeps on ticking. I don't think it's well-shielded, though, so I never use it in my stage setup, which may contribute to its longevity. I've also got a nice allen wrench set that I always lose, but always turns up right after I go digging for a loose 3mm hex key for my trems.

    I get the feeling this USA Peavey Predator I just picked up is gonna be added to the list, it's not worth anything to sell, and I put $60 of parts into it, and it's solid-as-a-rock. i think it could fall off a bus and not get damaged at all. maybe scratch the clearcoat a bit.

    Anyone else?
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    Two things, actually, both in this picture:

    The strat. Enough said - It's a '97 I bought new in late '98, so I guess I've owned it for more than 11 years now. I love the thing.

    Also, the strap on it was the leather strap I bought soon after buying my first 7, a 7620, when the nylon strap they gave me with it just didn't have enough "grip" to hold the guitar in place because it was a little more neck-heavy. This would have been back in 2000 or 2001, and it's been cycled from guitar to guitar ever since. When I sold the 7620 it went on my Strat (shown), and then I think it went on my CST and the black cotton strap went back on my Strat because I didn't want to use a cliplock on the CST, when I sold the CST and got into a higher playing position I pulled the white cliplock off my UV and put the strap on that, then when I recently decided to put the cliplock back on the UV (because it DOES look good, and I'm playing lower now) it went onto first my Blackjack and then when I wanted a black strap to match the black guitar, onto the Agile Texan. It was on my EDA-905 for a bit, and on my Sherman 5-string for a bit as well. I suspect that at one point or another it's been on every single guitar I've owned. I've never had a problem with it falling off guitars, it's comfy, and it looks good. I think I'm going to sell the Texan, but when I do the strap will DEFINITELY not be included

    In fact, looking at that picture, I kind of dig it on my Strat. Maybe it's time to switch the black cotton strap to the Texan and the leather Levys strap back to the Strat.
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    well my main player guitar is a tele that my dad and I built and it hasnt failed me yet and even tho other guitars have been used as "main players" I just keep coming back to it.

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    Probably my Levy's cotton camo strap. Bought it with my first guitar however many years ago that was and I've used in religiously on every guitar since. Comfy and grippy, it just works. It's the only thing I own that hasn't ever fucked up on stage.

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    I've still got the strap and lead that I got with my first bass (started playing bass before I started guitar) and although they are both pretty low quality they're never let me down whereas others have.

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    Is that the infamous Strat?
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    I have a 20 foot guitar lead that has lasted for 10+ years.
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    Shit, I've got stuff at the bottom of my parts bin that has been following me around since the late '80s.

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