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Thread: Anyone Else Notice....(rant)

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    Anyone Else Notice....(rant)

    Year after year i scourge guitar stores, magazines, and forums looking for new ideas, shapes, innovations, etc and i have to say everything's getting worse and worse with time. from unoriginality to horrible QC...WTF is going on guitar companies???

    Unoriginality reigns supreme with PRS' matching Schecters which are matching ESP LTD's which were based of Jacksons. The only truly original thing made by a major company I've seen recently that took my breath away (besides BRJ axes) would be the new BC Rich guitars for 2010.

    Honestly, BC Rich is the only company to really deliver the goods for 2010. I think ESP's are turning into the scene-kid hardcore metalcore guitar of choice, a position shared closely by Schecter. Never thought i'd say I was embarrassed to own(ed) an ESP or Schecter and I've owned both.

    I checked most companies for new products (except Dean, never cared) Ibanez made what looks like an RG with Petrucci's cuts in it. Very original Ibanez Jackson didn't put out much "new" stuff but then again they don't have to. Any guitarist would be satisfied with their products (minus the 7 string players out there). Gibson put out a 7 string Explorer so i give Gibson props for thinking outside the "Gibson-Norm". Fender, never checked. They haven't done anything impressive IMHO in decades.

    I'm wondering if anyone else is getting maybe a little but disgusted with these companies. They're seeing what other companies sell the most of and making pretty much the same thing but with a different company decal. The more guitar catalogs i read the more I think I'll never buy a production guitar again, and have to save thousands for custom shop Rico's, Shermans, or Conklin's because I refuse to support this. Maybe it's my stubborn ass father in me, but I see no reason to support companies who don't listen to what the customer says. ESP has pissed me off the most lately. They never really were that original to begin with but...these 2010 models just blow the door open wide.

    I'd LOVE to see a spreadsheet of major guitar companies sales from 2000 to present. Now, I'm not trying to bash any member's guitars, I just wonder what the fate of the guitar industry is. I see the road they're traveling down...and I don't like it very much. As of now there's only one company I'd buy a production guitar from, and BC Rich earned that. My Speed V plays better than my old Neck thru M2, and sounds better as well. 90% of what are supposed to be good to intermediate guitars ($600-$1500) have horrible fret jobs, glue marks, fucked up crownings, miswired pups or controls, etc. horrible signs of craftsmanship. Is it I've grown substantially wiser and more skilled at lemon finding? i doubt it.

    Sorry for the rant, just browsing guitar sites and I couldn't bottle than anymore. hope it made a little sense lol

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    I think that's a load of tripe, but I can't be arsed countering you point for point. We all said that 10 years ago (even though people now view those Ibanezes, Jacksons, ESP's etc. with nostalgia) and we said it 20 years ago. Hell, we even said it last year. And this years stuff has been welcomed with open arms from Jackson, ibanez etc...I think it's just a case of you not being used to this years offerings.

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    whoa, you're right. We can't win....we just can't win.

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    In all honesty, I'm having a bit of difficulty reading your post sorry.

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    Honestly, I wish we had access to the Japanese market guitars from ESP and Schecter. That would solve a lot of your issues.
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    Just shop there then : ƒCƒPƒxŠyŠ“Xweb site‚‚‚‚‚I

    They take Visa.
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    You lost me.

    I haven't been following it closely, but near as I could tell it's been a good year for guitars - Schecter and Ibanez both expanded their 8 string lines quite a bit, recently we got the Loomis and 1527m 7's, bringing some much needed maple boards to the market, Ibanez introduced an archtop variant of the RG and this year extended it to the seven string market, we got the ZR trem as a 7 not too long ago, Floyd Rose 7 trems are widely in production again within the last maybe 2 years, after a long absense, that PRS you refer to is the first 25.5" PRS I'm aware of, and I believe they introduced a 7 this year as well, Taylor acoustics now offer a bari, and ESP introduced a number of 7-string, 8 string, and baritone guitars as well.

    So, let me ask you a corollary question - what were you looking for this year that you didn't get?
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    nope, theres always been expensive guitars with less than superb quality. this is true of all things, not just guitars, and its always been true. Overpriced/underniced isnt something new thats developed since i got into highschool 8 years ago
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