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    V players

    Round up time, my first real thread gotta see the V's and the bastards that weild em


    Why you became a V player, with your number 1 pic
    your heriem of of V's
    A semi short story of what made you pull the trigger on yer First V

    will update with organized pics soon :P

    Why I became a V player?/What made me pull the Trigger?

    It was completely by accident, I never intended on even tryin the body style at first it seemed a lil too radical for me, I was leaning towards SGs cuz I found them comforable at the time. I had made a trip back to my home town where my dad had bought me my acoustic when I was 14 or 15, I wanted an electric so I was lookin at different things and the dude behind the counter whom I'd converesed with alot during visits had told me I had to try out the King V they had on the wall, I said ok sure, I had never seen another person sit with a V or even have a notion of what was the wrong way but I just happened to put it between the legs and found it super comfy and it was weird that it felt natural. I askd how much and cringed, then I put a down payment a few wks later on it hahahahha

    it was also my first electric and here it is

    she's gettin all black hardware this yr cuz she turns 10

    heriem (older pics)
    repainted with rattle can texured shit and uber badass now

    recently slightly modded

    modded out the ass even further already

    and a family shot only to show the V-coustic on the side, all the rest were lost to the bay from hard times

    I wish I had current pics but theyre so different now I'll wait til theyre done

    SOLD but gettin her back in a few months :P

    and finally this one that Im in pain waiting on hahhahah beautiful custom that is so cool to me
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    I'm not a V player, but i'm tryin' real hard! I took the things i didn't like about V-shaped guitars and tried to make them work better for me. I'll let you know how it works out in a few weeks...

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    Why you became a V player, with your number 1 pic
    -See #3

    your heriem of of V's

    A semi short story of what made you pull the trigger on yer First V
    -I walked into a mom & pop music store, and the guy there said "You're probably here for the Randy aren't ya?" And I said "The what?" Then he showed me the guitar. I had only been playing for a few years at this point, and it was the only guitar I was able to play "Call of Ktulu" flawlessly on. I had to have it. $650 with a case. I went home and told my father I needed to borrow the money, although I had no job at the time and I didn't know how I would pay him back, I needed to borrow the money. I couldn't let it get away. So my Dad gave me the money, and I bought it. Low and behold, its an '89 custom ordered guitar (before Jackson started putting Custom Shop on their headstocks). I even contacted Jackson (pre-fender era) and asked them for the original order build sheet, and they sent it to me.

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    Not my favorite, but it'll do. I actually played a Dean V years ago and loved how the V felt, I also played a RR7 before and loved that as well. I had been lusting for a V for a while and this custom Agile came up and I worked out a trade. I love V's and I don't think I'll be going back to non-V's often. I want another Schecter C7 and other shapes, but nothing will be as comfy as my V. Its the angle that they sit, and also how they sit when you're sitting down (on your left leg of course).

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    lovin the pics guys cool V's so far, and lovin the story above, I like when guitars have stories like that

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    nice collection man, interested in my ninja?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kagami View Post
    nice collection man, interested in my ninja?
    lulz, no thanks, Im not too hawt for that body, its kinda cool and I am a V whore but I have to stop buyin TOM bridges, cramp the shit outa me for some reason :P

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    How the fuck am I supposed to top this?!?!

    Here are my first and second. Funny enough, I don't own a single guitar in this picture anymore:

    The white one was my first V. Bought it because it looked cool and it was a good price. I really fell in love with Vs because it was the access of a Strat, but the hang of a Les Paul.

    Here is number three. Don't have this one anymore, either. I just don't hold onto many guitars these days. If I'm not playing them, I tend to flip them:

    Here is my KxK V7:

    And here is my KxK ProtoVii-7:

    Division: American Metal without the suck.

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