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Thread: Green Demon Swirl

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    Green Demon Swirl


    it's been quite a while when I did my last post here. Sorry for that. Here is a new swirl I did for a customer of mine yesterday. It's a GMC swirl, but I call it Green Demon swirl It is still without the clearcoat. I will do this in a few days when the swirl color has dried completely. As you can see this is a Schecter Hellraiser C7 guitar with a set-in neck. Originally this guitar is completely painted. Also the neck. But my customer wanted it without the paint, so it was a bit tricky to get the no existing "neck pocket" painted. But I think it it turned out pretty good. I'm very interessted in your opinion. Thanks for any comments...


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    that's a nice looking swirl

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    That's fantastic man! I like it better than the green swirl on my Jackson. Dark green + black = total win.

    In all honesty, I like that swirl enough that I would have it on a custom.

    And the "neck pocket" looks just fine, that couldn't have been easy.

    Beautiful work.

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    Looks great man!

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    It'd probably look even better if the pictures weren't so poorly lit.
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    Great job. I love that swirl.

    It almost looks like a bolt on too.

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    Wow that looks awesome

    I love GMC swirls

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