Could the end be near for Ovation?

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Thread: Could the end be near for Ovation?

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    Could the end be near for Ovation?

    I ran into one of my old employees today who works for Ovation.
    He said "they are laying off all the longest standing employees today".
    I feel bad for these employees as the majority of them have worked there since the `70`s.
    I asked him how many units they are producing, and he said "none, nobody wants our guitars anymore", and said "they haven`t shipped a guitar in two months".

    I`d say the writing is on the wall!

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    holy cow, man that's rough.

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    Wow - that is rough. I always liked Ovation guitars over say Taylors, Ibanez or Takamine. Sad to hear?

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    Wow... that's just brutal. 20 years ago, EVERYBODY had to have an Ovation for playing on stage. They were such an innovator... it's a shame to see them go.

    But i guess times have changed, technology has progressed, and it's not as difficult to play a real, full-bodied acoustic on stage as it used to be. And Ovation guitars seem to be associated with the '80s for acoustics in the same way day-glow SuperStrats were for electrics. It's just taken longer for that market to change.

    I figured they were getting desperate when they introduced a new line of solidbodies in response to Taylor entering the electric market.

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    Wow that really sucks. My first acoustic was an Ovation. I thought it was odd they came out with the new Slipknot sig acoustic but there wasn't much promotion behind it. Now I know why... sad to hear.

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    Holy cow!

    For old timers like us, Mike, and Darren, this comes as a bit of a shock, even though it makes sense when you look at it. But when we came up, Ovations were everywhere.

    Everything changes, I guess. I blame Kurt Kobain.

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    Ouch.. I have to say I really like the way ovations feel/play. Bummer

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    I can`t say I`m suprised by it, with the recent take-over from Fender.

    They are currently moving Guild into the Ovation factory, and having knowledge of the building, I was wondering where they were going to house that line.

    For those who don`t know: Charley Kaman invented the Ovation "round back" guitar in `69, using his knowledge of frequency vibration within helicopter blades, and applying it to guitar.

    He is responsible for the helicopter`s success. Sikorski invented the heli, but couldn`t make it work. Charley stepped in and made it fly correctly.

    The aerospace industry was where Charley found success, but music was his first love. He was the guitarist for the Tommy Dorsey Band (big band in the `30`s).

    I find it amazing that he entered the guitar industry at all with the riggors of running kaman Aerospace. He did it out of his passion for guitar.

    He also founded Fidelco, a non profit organization for the training of guide dogs for the blind.

    A brilliant human being he is!

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