What Tremol-no size do I need?

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Thread: What Tremol-no size do I need?

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    I just got a Ibanez RG350MDX and was thinking I might want to get a Tremol-no for it sometime down the road. I noticed there are 3 different models (Large clamp, Small clamp, and the Pin type), which one would I need?

    In the FAQs it says that you can install it even if you have 5 springs in the back of the guitar. Anyone know have it would fit in then?
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    You should be good with the pin type

    IIRC, the clamp types are for older, more vintage trems that don't have holes for the pin.

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    Unless KEvan has changed the design, you can install it with a maximum of 4 springs. However, I was able to install a T-no in my UV strung up 11-68 in standard with only four springs, so with a bit of adjustment you should be able to handle almost anything sane with it.

    I love the things - less for the ability to lock the trem while playing (which is pretty cool, admittedly, but I don't do often) than for the fact that it makes string changes an absolute breeze.
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    If they're such a breeze, why do you bitch so much when you do mine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    If they're such a breeze, why do you bitch so much when you do mine?
    You do raise a good point.
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    They're a breeze once they're installed and set up properly. Getting the alignment just right can be a little tricky, though. It's not rocket surgery, but it does take some patience.

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    Alignment can be a real pain. Although, part of the problem I ran into with the guitar that I tried to put it in was that one of the trem claw screws was slightly bent, which threw everything off every time I turned it.

    Great unit though once it's set up right.
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