an easier way to change the strings with a Floyd Rose

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Thread: an easier way to change the strings with a Floyd Rose

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    an easier way to change the strings with a Floyd Rose

    Whenever I change the strings (not often because it's a PITA), I clip all of them at once. I do this so I can clean the grime off the fretboard, which is something you can't do if you're changing them one by one.

    So, the whole procedure takes me about 45 minutes to an hour because I usually take off the entire bridge by disconnecting the springs from the back of the guitar.

    It's a pain in the ass, is there an easier way? Is there any way to stabilize the FLoyd Rose so I can change all of the strings at once and not have the bridge lean hard into the body of the guitar?

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    Block the bridge in its neutral position, remove the strings, clean the guitar, re-string, then remove the block.

    Or install a Tremol-No™ and use that to lock the bridge before you remove the strings.

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    If I'm changing strings and I want to get at the fretboard I usually stuff the back of the bridge with a cloth or a sock to keep it from leaning back into the cavity. I've heard of people using things like a deck of cards in the cavity too to hold it in place. I find changing string on a floyd equipped guitar just a small bit more hassle than a hard tail, once you know what to do you can have it done pretty quickly.

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    Well, try just taking off the entire trem to get the grime off the fretboard, put er' back on, block the trem, change the strings, unblock, and tune. Once you get good at it the whole procedure can be done within a half hour.

    EDIT - Beat to the punch

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    What Darren said. Doesn't take much longer that a fixed bridge, IMO. The only extra job is to clip to tip of the strings and lock / unlock the bridge's saddles and the nut.
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    I've always took a long time to restring a floating trem guitar. I've learned to cope with it plus I rather know that I did a good job of taking care of it so speed hasn't been a big deal for me.
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    I've wrapped a bunch of duct tape into a block shape that perfectly fits the recessed trem cavity behind the locking screws on the top surface of the guitar. This allows the pull of the springs to gently sink into the duct tape and keep it stable until you restring it all.

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    It looks like everyone does it differently, but the process is basically the same.

    What I do is I stick wooden chopsticks in the back behind the bridge, then I take off all the strings except the low B and the low E, which I loosen like crazy. I use lemon oil to clean off the fretboard. Then I restring the low E to the high B. After that, I remove the low B and the high E and restring them.

    Been working pretty good for me for at least 4 years now. Before the wooden chopsticks, I tried a ton of different things, none of which worked that great, but one day I just got the idea of the chopsticks and they work amazingly. So I always make sure to have at least one pair of wooden disposable chopsticks where I keep my strings at all times.

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