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Thread: Frustrations in Guitar Land

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    Frustrations in Guitar Land

    Taken from this thread, which I'd like it if people read before or after they reply:

    An interesting conundrum..

    (also, please read my latest post in that thread)

    "First, I will preface this post with this image:

    As some of you know, I have my semi-custom Sims up for sale. "Custom guitar" doesn't really fit the description when I couldn't change the scale length, or the body. I just decided woods and hardware, and that's cool - this guitar is the best electric I've picked up.

    Unforunately, the body just does not jive with me as well as I had originally hoped. This is not a knock on Sims, as the guitar is stunning in nearly every way. It's a total beast to play sitting down, it just doesn't sit right standing up. Part of that is probably because I am barrel-chested, and part of it is the design of the guitar.

    Here's where I'm at, in guitar land:

    - working with friends on starting a metal band
    - wanting to start a punk/rock/ambience band
    - I want a guitar I enjoy playing that sounds great, looks great and most importantly feels great
    - I'm between getting one really nice Pro-level guitar or 2 semi-pro imports and upgrading them + money for food/rent/car stuff

    That last point is the point of this thread. I have recently been test-driving PRS guitars, and they are nice. Unfortunately, the name "PRS" commands a high price tag - as does "Gibson", which I still enjoy. I have spent a lot of time on a McCarty, and a bit of time on Mira's and a Custom 24. I'd like a Custom 22 if I go the high end route, but even in today's market they are not exactly cheap (though apparently can be had for $1800USD!?). I spent an hour straight standing with the McCarty, so I know that I won't hate the guitar for those longer sessions (thank you Matt's Music staff!).

    I still enjoy playing single cuts, but part of me wants to switch it up a little bit. I spent time with a Tremonti SE, and that guitar was also kick ass - not on the same level as the USA guitars, but definitely not a slouch - I could rock one, and rock it hard. I've also had good experience with Agile guitars, and they have an LP w/ a contour and less of a heel, at a reasonable price. I could buy the Agile and the Tremonti and have some money left over for upgrades (that's at least $200 in J S Moores, bridge pickup swap per guitar.. stock pickups are fine though) and money for bills/repairs/living.

    I kind of want something new in terms of body style, which is why the Custom 22 seems good - superstrat guitar, but with some traits of a les paul that I love. The tone isn't bad but the feel is really nice, which is what I'm going for. The switching options on the USA PRS (read: ability to coil tap) is really nice, and some guitars come with a 5-way which would be ideal for me. The import Singlecuts have a volume knob per pickup, which means my clean channel stays clean.

    Enter the ESP Eclipse. Contour, 22 frets, 2 volume knobs, slimmer body, singlecut, and you can get it w/ duncans (and silverburst, oh my!). I haven't seen too many used ones, but the one time I've tried the LTD EC-1000, I dug it as it felt like my LP studio. Unfortunately, no LTD dealers that I'm aware of, and definitely no LTD or ESP Eclipse models floating around that I can try. I'd really like to, and it's a good halfway - the ESP is going to be pro quality, less costly then the PRS, and has features I like and am used to. I can't try one unless I drive to Toronto though.

    Cliffs notes:
    - I like high end guitars. I know what I do and don't like and can and can't live with.
    - I like the idea of having two guitars for the price of one (who doesnt?!)
    - I want a high end guitar, expensive
    - I want two have two guitars, and that would cost around half of what the PRS would cost
    - There's a middle ground (ESP Eclipse) in price and possibly quality
    - Nothing can happen until I sell the Sims.

    I need to sell my Sims before I can do anything. It was in its case for around a week or two, I pulled it out yesterday for a little bit and to teach a guitar lesson. It's a beautiful guitar, and I need the money it can bring in or an ideal trade.. but since it's semi-custom and people aren't familiar with the brand (and online, Sims' poor rep) it's not even getting bites . I'm thinking of the PRS for a bit of a change, good resale and a solid guitar. I'm thinking of going import - a used LTD EC-1000, + used tremonti SE, + new AL3200 is still under what most PRS Custom 22's go for these days (lets say around $1900).

    I know a lot of people here think I'm crazy for flipping the Sims so quick, but I'm just not bonding with it enough. I'm torn between going high end and having 1 guitar I bond with, or going import/lower down the ladder and having 2 or 3 guitars I do bond with. It's also worth noting that I have a Gibson les paul custom to use right now, so I have the LP thing covered for the foreseeable future.

    This is partially a vent, and partially a "my guitar world is upside down and I hate it, advice from the wise needed!" thread. I own 2 electrics and need to sell them both. I still have my Pacifica 812V w/ gig bag to sell, which would be a great 2nd guitar to someone, but no bites there either. The yamaha is tying up part of a bill, but I'd put the funds towards my next purchase if said purchase was deemed worthy.

    In an ideal world, I'd sell both the guitars, use my friend's LP until AJC shipped me out a custom guitar, and I'd be set. Unfortunately, that's not real life right now haha.

    Thank you for reading."

    FML guys, this really sucks
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    I'd say one of the most important things, Justin, is finding a guitar you feel is comfortable. I got no hate for dreaming of a great guitar, getting it, and then wanting to bail on it because it doesn't "feel" right to you. COMPLETELY understandable.

    Find something that sounds good, and plays good, above all else.

    And your life doesn't suck. It's a guitar. Trial and error is part of life, and makes it fun. You had a badass awesome custom guitar - time to move on. (Look at Donnie. He doesn't let shit get to him about gear and bullshit. Perfect attitude on that guy.)

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    Cheers Bob. The issue is, the guitars I want are in the price range of what I hope to get for my Sims, but apparently I'm going to have to take a serious bath on the sale.. which means not being able to afford the guitars I want (PRS Custom 22 or McCarty).

    Between pretty much being unemployed, not having a band AND not having a guitar I love to play (read: my escape), and not having the money to afford some basic stuff, as well as not hitting the gym/eating right, I've been far better. That's for another thread though.

    edit: yes please, x100
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    Selling the Sims? You waited so long for it and were so happy upon it's arrival and we were all elated that it showed up at all! Well, if you're not feeling it, if anyone understands it's guitar players. I had a PRS custom 24 hardtail which I never got used to so I sold it about a year later. Luckily, I didn't take too much of a hit on it. I don't know what you paid for the Sims but I don't think you're gonna get near that for what you sell it for.

    People make mistakes selling guitars as well. I had a '89 Hamer Californian...boomerang inlays, ebony board...I still hate myself for selling it but I was on an all Ibanez kick at the time.

    Hope it all works out, budda. I just had my first custom made (The Ibanez Swirlnick) and immediately fell in love with it.

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    Cheers, Jack.

    My issue with taking a huge hit on the Sims is partially the hit itself, and partially the fact that I'm relying on getting enough money for it that I don't have to pay too much out-of-current-pocket to get what I do want. Doesn't help that I still have my Pacifica 812V to sell as well.

    As I've said, the Sims is easily one of the best, if not best guitars I've picked up in terms of construction, tone and appearance (and for the most part playability, but I have some issues personally there as well), but the comfort level is just not there. I enjoy playing the loaner LP Custom more, and she weighs a ton (and I'm also noodling on it as I browse forums right now)

    edit: here's my latest post on guitarscanada

    "It all boils down to comfort, and this guitar just does not have nearly enough of it for me. That bugs me, since on paper and from checking the site I figured it would be everything I want in my custom singlecut, but it's not close enough. I just want a guitar I enjoy playing more, and this guitar isn't it. The kicker about your "main guitar" not being satisfying? What exactly are you supposed to play to deal with the frustration? You want your go-to guitar, so that you can beat the hell out of the strings, play loud, have pinch harmonics leap out at you and feel your 160bpm 8th note palm mutes rumble in your chest, but alas... not so much! Sure the 11.5lb-ish boat-anchor LP Custom gets partway there, but only in that it's comfier to play than the Singlecut... "
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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    My issue with taking a huge hit on the Sims is partially the hit itself, and partially the fact that I'm relying on getting enough money for it.
    Unfortunately that's the elephant in the room. While you might have paid a certain amount for it. The whole issue with brand equity (deserved or not) is going to play a HUGE factor in it's resale value.

    Not trying to be a dick or a hater. Just looking at this from a pragmatic point of view.

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    Yeah, I know.

    There's a certain point I really don't want to have to go under, and that's a little above half what I paid for it.

    I never thought I'd see the day where rocking out would be so hard to come by! and if I were in the states, what I'm looking for would be easier to come by at a lower cost, no less.

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    The main problem will probably be that no one has really played any Sims guitars so they may balk at paying a high price for something to them is untested or never heard of. I mean, when I got my Bunker Treker, I had never played an actual Bunker guitar before but I had played an Ibanez USRG30 which is exactly the same guitar and made by Bunker, save the Schaller Floyd replacing the Ibanez Edge bridge.

    Maybe Sims will buy it back from you at a reduced price.

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