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Thread: Jones-ing for a Les Paul Custom

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    Jones-ing for a Les Paul Custom

    So, the good ole GC recently got in a black and gold Les Paul Custom, double binding, heavy as a corpse, awesome awesome awesome les paul. around 3.5k
    Well, I had to plug it in and give it a whirl.


    Fucking incredible, the neck was gorgeous, fretwork perfect as could be (yes, this is a new Gibson too) pickups were nice and tight sounding, but warm, and it sounded great through 6505, EVH, and JCM 800 and I am still dying to hear one through my rig. Rhythm sounded nice and chunky and the leads stood out well to, I had no problem doing lead work i usually play on my Rico with this Gibson. I was surprised i didn't fuck up after being used to the Vixen for so long

    Well I now understand why Les Paul Customs have been the holy grails of guitars for 50+ years, after i'm content with all the Rico's and BCR's I want, I'm deff taking a loan out for one of these. I'll feel dumb, but honestly, this specific axe blew my fucking mind! It'll be a studio tool and never leave my room though lol Infernus of Gorgoroth has one that's beat to hell from touring and gives me shivers, I couldn't do that waaay to gorgeous

    So, does anyone on here have a LP custom? please post pictures, reviews, clips, whatever. Or if you think I'm going insane go ahead and remind me.

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    I had a buddy that dropped about 3k for a Les Paul Custom, and all I can say is:

    When he brought it over, it had by far the worst set-up I've ever seen on a guitar. About two hours later, it was one of the best sounding and best playing guitars I've ever laid my hands on.

    A few of my main guitars for years were Les Pauls and PRS Custom 22's, so I naturally have an affinity for these guitars. All I can say is that if you find the "right" one, keep it. Forever.

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    ^ What model is the middle left one?

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    IIRC its a swamp ash special studio

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    I believe they were called "Voodoo" series

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    My dad has one, bought it new in 88... for 800 goddamn bucks. Someday I'll get one too, someday.

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    That DG strat haunts my dreams.

    LP Customs definitely sound incredible, but are well out of my price range.
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