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Thread: NGD: Abused Childz Welcomed Here

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    NGD: Abused Childz Welcomed Here

    Scored this as partial trade for my carvin. Been Projected, and not particularly cleanly unfortunately. Comes with a fr00t set of evos though

    Here you can see the body bevels. The guy did well, except on the rear behind the forearm cut. went too deep. Pretty visible here

    Beveled the trem cavity too

    Heres where it gets weird. Dude beveled the headstock, which i can see in his pics, but didnt notice it as i wasnt looking for it

    Heres the bevels up close

    So im snagging that Jemager body for it, and ill be installing a killswitch and a toggle and painting it. Ill be repairing the headstock, probably by routing out the bevels and filling them with fresh wood (since that includes where the serial is, or id just lop it off).
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    Looks nice !
    Although the headstock tip isn't so cool... good to hear you'll fill it with wood
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    He probably just started and couldn't stop. (the opposite issue noodles has regarding growth)

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    Ok, beveled trem cavity I could understand. It doesn't look too weird. Maybe the edges needed more sanding and he overdid it. The headstock though? Well, at least he was consistent. Sounds like an easy fix, though. Nice.

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    actually kind of dig it

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    Assuming it cleans up, you should totally sell me that bridge pickup.
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    Let me know the Jemager body is, you appear to be following my exact plan for a Jemager with reverse headstock. I mailed the guy about getting something a bit more to my spec, but no reply so far.

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