Capo for seven string guitars (and other wider fretboards)

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Thread: Capo for seven string guitars (and other wider fretboards)

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    Capo for seven string guitars (and other wider fretboards)

    A lot of you probably know this, but I know some people might find this helpful. As we all know, normal capos are a tight fit on sevens. I've had the same Kyser for ages, and picked up a new one yesterday - this guy here, which is a 12 string capo:

    Buy Kyser Quick-Change Capo 12 -String | Capos | Musician's Friend

    It's a bit wider, and it is awesome. It fits on the 12 perfectly, and the extra coverage makes it a bit easier to throw on a six string, and works great on a seven as well.

    Here are a few pics of them both - the decidedly older looking one is the standard capo, the longer, new one is the 12 string.

    On my acoustic:

    On my 12 string:

    And both on the seven string 2027.

    I'm going to buy a couple more of these right now. Not only do they fit wider fretboards, but the extra playroom on standard width necks is great to have.

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