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Thread: A word about Floyds

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    A word about Floyds

    So I was at my friends house earlier and I noticed he had one of the bazillion unfinished jem bodies lying in his garage. I asked about it and he said he was going to ebay it, but has just been too lazy. I usually scoff at the monkey grip but I was bored so I convinced him to trade it to me...for a subway sandwich and my cousin's phone number.

    Anyhow I am going to pick up a neck on the bay for this thing and tinker around with it just for shits.

    After that unbelievably dull preamble, here's are my real questions:

    Will there be any issues throwing an OFR or Gotoh on here as far as board radius goes. I know the routing will fit the assembly, I just don't have enough experience here to know if the few inches difference in radius from the OFR or gotoh to the neck will cause any issues.

    Second, what are the differences between the floyd upgrades 32mm, 37mm, 42mm blocks and fitment.

    Shame me with knowledge please....

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    You want the 37mm block. The 42 is only for topmounts, and the 32mm is really just for Sabres and other thin bodied axes. As for the radius, just grab some saddle shims and get the radius right. It's worth ith.
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    Gotoh trems have a 16" radius stock, OFRs are 10".

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    Wirelessly posted

    No one's asked for pics of the cousin yet?
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    No shit, right?
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    Why a spoon cousin?

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    Gotoh trems are made as well as OFRs. I actually prefer the feel of them to the OFR but that's all preference.

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