So, I posted about getting this guitar before and people asked for a review.

Short version:
Pros: Amazing construction, great feel, very comfy, super inexpensive given the custom work.
Cons: heavy.

The guitar looks better than even the pics would have you believe:

The red is just insane and the black... well, the black makes me want to order a guitar that is finished in just all black, an idea that never appealed to me before.

The feel of the guitar is amazing. Those of you who like MusicMan style necks with the oil finish... the whole guitar feels like that. Satin, smooth, comfy.

The neck is excellent as well, plays great, good shape. Only downside is that I didn't think to ask for rolled fretboard edges. Oh well. With those, it would be even more comfy.

Now, downsides.
I asked for the guitar to be as light weight as possible, and Steve delivered. The key is "as possible". The ash has hollow chambers, but with a maple top, 4 humbuckers and weathered brass hardware... yeah. Fucker is kinda heavy. Not crazy heavy, but heavier than I prefer. About as heavy as a hefty Bass guitar, but not as bad as some of those Yamaha SG style things that weight more than most LPs.

I asked for benford to throw in some cheap mightymite pickups because I didn't know at the time what I wanted in there. So, the middle pickup sounds good, one of the bridges sounds decent, the neck and other bridge sound kinda crappy. But hey, $10 pickups. The sound is VERY scooped so for metal it actually works pretty well but if you want something else.... no go. So, despite the 4H setup it is still pretty one dimensional. You get 4 versions of death metal or nothing. I guess it fits

So... anybody know of light-weight pickups? I am looking at the lace alumitones but they don't fit in the standard routes so I might have to ship it out to get cut for those. If not, the weight is OK, hell my strat is a bit heavier.