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Thread: Which of these Ibanez?

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    Which of these Ibanez?

    so i started playing guitar feb. this year and i can play bits and pieces from various songs. I have the motivation to learn theory and im trying to learn open chords atm. However I really hate my current guitar (cheap squier) the action is too high and it has absolutely no sustain. I'm looking to buy something that will last me for a while. I did a bit of research and the RG550 seems to be very popular.

    There is a brand new RG550 made in japan for $620 (taxes included) - local guitar shop


    Used Custom Ibanez JEM assembled and setup by a luthier with Basswood Body, Ibanez Prestige neck, Dimarzio Evolution pickups, Ibanez Edge tremolo for $800 cash - on craigslist


    Ibanez RG1550MZ - less than a year old, hard case, wammy bar, floyd rose floating bridge. asking $800 - haven't negotiated price yet - on craigslist

    which one should I get?

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    First off, grats for picking up the guitar.

    I feel ya on the Squier. My first guitar was a Squire strat from the Fender Strat Pack.

    Have you played the RG550 in the local shop? Have you played other brands to get a feel for them? The reason I'm asking is because how a guitar feels in your hands is one of the most important aspects of playing. That way we can make reccomendations based on what you like. Also, what styles of music are you pushing towards?

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    I fucking love the guitar!

    I haven't played the RG550. I was at my cousin's house over the summer and I played his Jackson guitar for a few minutes and I loved how much easier it was to play it because the neck was a bit smaller than my squier and the action was a lot lower.

    I like classic rock and heavy metal(VAN HALEN, sabbath,metallica,gunsnroses,scorpions). I also like music by Joe Stump (neo classical metal i think).

    I asked the same question at another forum and a few ppl there said that I shouldn't get a guitar with a locking tremolo at my skill level. :s

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    In my humble opinion (as a guy who owns 2 RG550's and has another being fitted with a custom body), the RG550 is one of the best all around shred/metal six string guitars out there. You can't beat 'em with a proper set of pickups. They're the indestructible workhorse of metal.

    They're right about the locking trem thing though. Just starting out, I'd recommend you go with a fixed bridge unless you're the type who loves to fiddle with things. Trems can be a bitch to get set right, and if you DON'T set them right, you'll end up with a guitar that's hard to intonate and won't stay in tune worth a damn and spend more time tuning your guitar than playing it.

    I've been playing for 20 years and I *still* suck at setting them up.

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    RG550 has locking tremolo right?

    what do you think of the RG350?

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    Yeah, the 550 has the original Edge trem, which is fantastic. I'm pretty confident that I could pick the 550 up by the trem bar and twirl it over my head for an hour, and it would be completely in tune when I put it down.

    The 350 has the Edge III - I have two RG's with that bridge as well. It's not a *bad* bridge, per se, it stays in tune pretty well and is easy to intonate. That said, on both of mine the trem arm holder is broken, and I'm not even that big of a whammy bar player. Bad design.

    For the price though, the 350 is definitely a nice guitar.

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    I honestly never found locking trems to be that bad, though I have a knack for fiddling with things so that might just be me Best thing to do is give some a try and see how you like them, or if you have a friend who knows how to set them up already have them show you how to do it if you really want to have a locking trem.

    Otherwise, a good fixed bridge Ibby would be one of the old RGAs, those things play like buttah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post

    I was crushed when I found out that this was a custom paint job.

    No can haz

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