Returned Ibanez RGA8! "That BUZZ"!! Schecter Damien 8 or Agile Intrepid Pro Dual?

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Thread: Returned Ibanez RGA8! "That BUZZ"!! Schecter Damien 8 or Agile Intrepid Pro Dual?

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    Returned Ibanez RGA8! "That BUZZ"!! Schecter Damien 8 or Agile Intrepid Pro Dual?

    This is my second post and I still don't have an 8 and I still don't know what to choose

    Yesterday, I went to my trusted guitar shop to get the Ibanez RGA8 I've ordered.
    After, a general euphoria for a such new & strange intrument (yes, the 8strings are really unusual here) we went for a test of the guitar.

    First of all, the guitar looks really really cool.

    After a proper (and standard) tuning [F# B E etc.] we immediately notice that famous buzz I've read on several posts.

    (The guitar looks well set from the factory and the action was good)
    We gave the axe to the liuther of the shop.
    He rapidly did his job but the fret buzz didn't quit.
    This buzz concerned the F#, the B, the E and even if a little the A too! Almost all over the fretboard
    So came the bad times.
    I've told to the shopkeeper if we could send the instrument back.
    (We'd could make a more deep setup but the buzz, IMO, was really too much to be solved with another setup)
    So, after some heavy swearwords here and there, he accepted the idea.

    I was almost about to order the Schecter Damien 8 (to make me forgive). That was my original first choice. At the last moment, I called him to switch to the Ibanez.
    But I told him to give me some time to decide.
    I went out the shop without my 8.

    I wish this post will help somebody to make the right choice.
    I don't know
    Maybe that guitar was just one of the unlucky ones.

    Now, the second part of the thread.
    Please give me a word.

    The point is, as written in the title:
    Schecter Damien Elite 8 or Agile Intrepid Pro Dual 828?
    I came to this last choice after a long and deep evaluation of the matter.
    I could order the Schecter from my shop but he told me that if even that one will buzz, he will not send it back.
    (He came to the conclusion that every 8strings buzzes)
    And this is my first question to everybody own an 8.

    Does every 8strings buzzes on the low strings?

    The second choice is to make a transoceanic order to the Agile.
    The price will be charged a lot by the italian duty but I will spend not a lot more than the Schecter (something I can afford).
    The intrepid pro is my fav. I deadly love that natural finish but the scale is 28.625 while the standard Intrepid comes with the choice of 28.625 or 30".
    (Playing the 27" of the RGA, even if not downtuned, I feel the first two strings a little too loose and the sound is a little "farting" for my tastes)
    The Damien is 26.5 but I love the look and I usually pretty like EMGs.

    So, what should be the best choice for me?
    (my fingers are not so long but I feel pretty well on the RGA neck)

    Thanks to everybody for the help&Sorry 4 the long post and the poor english

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    I don't have buzzing issues with my Intrepid. I'd imagine that new strings and a proper setup would have fixed the RGA, though.

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    The buzz was unfixable? Even with a trussrod and action adjustment?

    Also, I know the strings that Ibanez uses for F# & B are fucking tiny, floppy little pieces of crap. Change those.
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    The guitar, at first sight, looks pretty well setted up and then we too gave it to the liuther that adjusted the trussrod and control the general instrument.
    But the buzz was unbelievable, all over the three low strings.

    I know that those was crappy and surely very old strings but they are D'Addario anyway.
    Believe me, the buzz was all over the fretboard..
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    Could be shitty fretwork from their Indonesian factory.

    The Agile will probably be a little better than the Damien, plus you have more options, but to get an Agile to Europe would probably be kind of pricey, plus if you had to send it back for anything, it's going to cost you a shit load more. Just look at what both are going to cost you, and if the Agile has more options that you want.

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    I've calculate that, in the end, the Agile will be 800 (shipping, duty etc).
    The Damien is 715.
    The Agile is a neck-through and have long scales. The Damien have the EMGs and will be here in my shop.

    The point is that I'll found problems and I have to send it back.

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    You run the risk of having to send any guitar back, but with Agile, you'll have to ship it back overseas, and at your own cost. That, or pay a luthier to fix whatever may be wrong with the Agile.

    With the Damien, you could always return it to the store.

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    Well, the Damien's a steaming heap of horseshit. Never played an Agile, but have no burning desire to either.

    This is probably going to make you kick yourself but...did you change the strings? They've probably been on it since it was made months and months ago, and a good setup and a brand new set of strings will fix 80% of all buzzing...
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