Old Ibanez needs repairs. Ideas?

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Thread: Old Ibanez needs repairs. Ideas?

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    Old Ibanez needs repairs. Ideas?

    I recently borrowed (maybe permanently ) an old Ibanez from a friend to play with it and a bit and it's in pretty bad shape. This guitar was purchased brand new 10-11 years ago for roughly 500 Cyprus pounds, which would be equivalent to 850 EUR or $1100 USD today. Which makes it a kick ass guitar back then. It's a really nice guitar and I like it a lot but it hasn't been played for a long time so the wear really shows. I don't know what model it is or the specs for it.

    I tried changing strings a couple of days ago and one for the saddles broke off so I decided it's time to do something about the whole thing. There's rust on pretty much everything that is made out of metal. The pickups barely work and by barely I mean only the bridge pickup works and that's when I play with the switch a bit. The tremolo works ok but it shows its age. Surprisingly the setup is still really good, action is low and there's no buzz anywhere on the fingerboard. The white stuff near the tone knob is glue from the pick holder that used to be there. Tuners seem to be doing fine on the other hand. I took pictures so you can get a better look at things.

    What do you guys think it's in order here? New pickups/electronics? I think the tremolo must be changed along with all the screws on the body/neck that
    are rusting. I've been thinking about buying parts online and trying to repair it myself but I have no experience whatsoever dealing with switching parts out.

    I apologise for the bad pictures, I'm really terrible with a camera

    Here's the guitar

    A close look at the body, you can see a lot of rust.

    Tremolo. How bad is it?


    Back of the neck


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    Man, guitars are crazy expensive there. That looks like an RG350 or something to that effect... I'd change out all the pickups and swap the trem, either for an OFR or an Ibanez Edge or LoPro Edge trem.

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    New bridge and pickguard loaded with new electronics.

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    and fire

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    Is it just the picture/optical illusion, or does that neck look fucking warped (2nd pic)?
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    Can't really tell on my tiny screen but it looks like an old model RG350. Trem on it is shit, it's an old Lo-TRS, so swap that shit out pronto. Other than that it needs some bloody good TLC.

    If you don't want to swap the trem out you need a replacement #3 saddle.
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    RG350 was my first thought too. I'm not 100% an OFR would be a drop-in replacement for a Lo-TRS, but IIRC they say it is at Jemsite and if it's not perfect, the amount of routing (sanding or filing, really) you;d have to do would be minimal. As long as you get the go-ahead from your buddy, that'd be a huge upgrade.
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